2023 Residency Match List

SiteMIN #
Advance Integrative Medicine of SeattleMIN-439-23
Advance Integrative Medicine of SeattleMIN-497-23
Alpine Integrative MedicineMIN-411-23
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthMIN-428-23
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthMIN-475-23
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthMIN-492-23
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthMIN-499-23
Bastyr University Clinic - San DiegoMIN-436-23
Bastyr University Clinic - San DiegoMIN-438-23
Fitzpatrick Integrated and Naturopathic Medicine - Healing Roots Center for TransformationMIN-467-23
Eastside Natural MedicineMIN-447-23
Eastside Natural MedicineMIN-470-23
Emerald City Naturopathic ClinicMIN-461-23
Fairfield Family HealthMIN-484-23
Fern Valley Natural HealthMIN-421-23
Holistic Health ClinicMIN-413-23
Holistique Naturopathic Medical ClinicMIN-444-23
Institute of Complementary MedicineMIN-429-23
Live Well ClinicMIN-486-23
Minneapolis Integrative Medicine CenterMIN-487-23
Montana Whole HealthMIN-434-23
Natural Medicine of SeattleMIN-493-23
Neighborhood Naturopathic West SeattleMIN-418-23
Northwest Center for Optimal HealthMIN-471-23
Port Moody Health Integrative Medicine & Cancer Care (Dr Adrian)MIN-424-23
Port Moody Health Integrative Medicine & Cancer Care (Dr Gurm)MIN-423-23
Port Moody Health Integrative Medicine & Cancer Care (Dr Adrian)MIN-430-23
Stark / Catalyst NaturopathicMIN-495-23
Stark / Catalyst NaturopathicMIN-422-23
Stark / Catalyst NaturopathicMIN-490-23
Susan Samueli Integrative Health InstituteMIN-485-23
True You MedicalMIN-483-23
Whole Systems HealthcareMIN-415-23
Yakima Integrative HealthMIN-463-23
Open Wellness - ChangMIN-433-23
8 HeartsMIN-501-23
Human Nature Natural HealthMIN-503-23
Vancouver Wellness StudioMIN-459-23
An HaoMIN-464-23
Kwan Yin - GurevichMIN-460-23
Restorative Health ClinicMIN-496-23
A Woman's TimeMIN-468-23
Richmond --2 positionsMIN-440-23
Richmond --2 positionsMIN-453-23
Vermont Natural Family MedicineMIN-494-23
NUNM-- 5 positionsMIN-446-23
NUNM-- 5 positionsMIN-480-23
NUNM-- 5 positionsMIN-417-23
NUNM-- 5 positionsMIN-432-23
NUNM-- 5 positionsMIN-479-23
Sonoran PGY1MIN-449-23
Sonoran PGY1MIN-476-23
Sonoran PGY1MIN-437-23
Sonoran PGY1MIN-477-23
Sonoran PGY1MIN-425-23
Sonoran PGY1 Regenerative MedicineMIN-456-23
Prototype HealthMIN-469-23
Living WellnessMIN-442-23
Keystone Natural MedicineMIN-410-23
Keystone Natural MedicineMIN-431-23
Keystone Natural MedicineMIN-481-23
CCNM - Clinical ResidentMIN-414-23
CCNM - Clinical ResidentÊMIN-451-23
CCNM - Clinical ResidentÊMIN-435-23
ICC ResidencyMIN-462-23
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