2024 Residency Match List

Match date as of May 24, 2024.

SiteSupervisorMIN #
Alpine Integrated MedicineDr. RentzMIN-533-24
Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Medical ClinicDr. SodhiMIN-574-24
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthDr. GarciaMIN-534-24
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthDr. GarciaMIN-542-24
Bellingham Naturopathic ClinicDr. SzymczakMIN-510-24
Family Health CentersDr. Acosta SmithMIN-505-24
Flourish Family MedicineDr. GordonMIN-558-24
Inner Gate Health & WellnessDr. KrebsbachMIN-527-24
Institute of Complementary MedicineDr. KlausmeyerMIN-525-24
Naturopathic Family MedicineDr. RichardsonMIN-545-24
Natural Medicine of SeattleDr. TenoreMIN-512-24
Neighborhood NaturopathicDr. TaylorMIN-567-24
One Connection HealthcareDr. StokelyMIN-560-24
Peak Performance and PreventionDr. WeitzMIN-518-24
Sage Medical GroupDr. WheelerMIN-550-24
Seattle Integrative Oncology -Dr. AschtgenMIN-570-24
Stark (General Naturopathic Medicine)Dr. NguyenMIN-554-24
Susan Samueli IHI-UCIDr. JenabMIN-568-24
Susan Samueli IHI-UCIDr. JenabMIN-564-24
Susan Samueli IHI-UCIDr. JenabMIN-528-24
TrueNorth Health CenterDr. SchurMIN-520-24
True ResilienceDr. van DrielMIN-571-24
Vida Integrated HealthDr. LearyMIN-548-24
Vida Integrated HealthDr. LearyMIN-549-24
Yellowstone Naturopathic ClinicDr. BeesonMIN-508-24
Heart Spring HealthDr. WilkieMIN-506-24
Heart Spring HealthDr. WilkieMIN-547-24
Heart Spring HealthDr. WilkieMIN-522-24
Heart Spring HealthDr. WilkieMIN-532-24
Peninsula Natural HealthDr. ColombiniMIN-546-24
Grain Integrative HealthDr. BaumMIN-530-24
Kwan Yin Dr. HayesMIN-521-24
Kwan Yin Dr. HayesMIN-524-24
Canby ClinicDr. WalkerMIN-573-24
Vermont Naturopathic ClinicDr. StadtmauerMIN-557-24
Open Wellness Dr. GurevichMIN-517-24
Open Wellness Dr. GurevichMIN-544-24
Envita Medical CenterDr. OertleMIN-565-24
Envita Medical CenterDr. OertleMIN-515-24
Envita Medical CenterDr. OertleMIN-507-24
The Koa ClinicDr. de SotoMIN-552-24
Cascade Integrative MedicineDr. ShahMIN-543-24
Prairie Naturopathic DoctorsDr. FergusonMIN-535-24
NUNM PGY-1Dr. SaundersMIN-519-24
NUNM PGY-1Dr. SaundersMIN-526-24
Well Life MedicineDr. HardingMIN-529-24
Sonoran University PGY-1Dr. BarnettMIN-563-24
Sonoran University PGY-1Dr. BarnettMIN-539-24
Sonoran University Regenerative MedicineDr. BarnettMIN-550-24
Keystone Natural Family MedicineDr. BishopMIN-566-24
Nature Cure Family HealthDr. DevilleMIN-531-24
Sedona Wellness RetreatDr. FerchoffMIN-555-24
Prototype HealthDr. KuppermanMIN-541-24
Restore Health AZDr. MorrisMIN-516-24
Restore Health AZDr. MorrisMIN-523-24
Sonoran University PGY-2 - Gen MedDr. BarnettMIN-537-24
Sonoran University PGY-2 - HomeopathyDr. BarnettMIN-569-24

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Helpful Details

#1 Q: How can I find my MIN#?

A: Your Match Identification Number (MIN) is emailed along with your rank match fee payment confirmation and invoice receipt. You will need this to identify the site you have been matched to.


#2 Q: What happens if I don’t match? How do I know if I didn’t match?

A: If your unique Match Identification Number (MIN) is not on the Match list, you did not match in the main cycle. You are encouraged to apply to any sites listed post-match. Post-match will open on Monday, June 10.


#3 Q: If I want to reapply for residency, how long are my documents good for?

A:  You can reuse your application documents for up to an additional year. However, you may consider updating personal statements and clinical evaluations to take into account any experience you have gathered since the first application was created.


#4 Q: What happens if I don’t accept my matched site?

A: If a candidate withdraws after being matched, the candidate shall forfeit his/her/their matched position and will not be allowed to participate in future residency match cycles for two years (the current cycle and the following cycle).

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