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Clinics Will Be Presenting At The Showcase 12/3

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AIMS Institute, PLLC in Seattle, WA

Alpine Integrated Medicine in Redmond, WA

Bastyr, San Diego in San Diego, CA

Collaborative Natural Health Partners in Manchester, CT

Envita Medical Centers in Scottsdale, AZ

Family Health Centers in Brewster, WA

Health For Life Naturopathic Medicine in Phoenix, AZ

Holistic Health Clinic in Tacoma, WA

Kansas City Integrative Health (KCIH) in Kansas City, KS

Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center in Minneapolis, MN

Montana Whole Health in Missoula, MT

Prototype Health in Tempe, AZ

Purity Integrative Health and Wellness Center in Kalispell, MT

Seattle Integrative Oncology in Seattle, WA

Stark in Tustin, Newport Beach, West Hollywood CA

Tandem Clinic in Vancouver, BC, Canada


Dec 03, 2023


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