2019 Residency Match List

Residency SiteMatch #

Bastyr University

Alpine Integrated Medicine, LLCMIN415-19
Bastyr University ClinicMIN399-19
Bastyr University ClinicMIN379-19
Center for Health and WellbeingMIN397-19
Champlain Center for Natural HealthMIN340-19
Collaborative Natural Health Partners, LLCMIN440-19
Emerald City Naturopathic ClinicMIN381-19
Fern Valley Natural HealthMIN378-19
Goshen Center for Cancer CareUNMATCHED
Institute of Complementary MedicineMIN446-19
Integrated Health ClinicMIN354-19
Integrative MedicaMIN410-19
Live Well ClinicMIN421-19
Natural Medicine of SeattleMIN413-19
Pacific Pearl La Jolla/Guarneri Integrated Health IncMIN398-19
Pathways to Natural Health, IncMIN388-19
Pathways to Natural Health, IncMIN424-19
Port Moody Health Integrative Medicine & Cancer CareMIN437-19
Revolutions NaturopathicMIN402-19
Sage Medical Group, PLLCMIN420-19
Seattle Integrative OncologyMIN416-19
Seattle Integrative OncologyMIN342-19
Spark Health Naturopathic Medicine, IncMIN444-19
Susan Samueli Integrative Health InstituteMIN373-19
Susan Samueli Integrative Health InstituteMIN349-19
TrueNorth Health Center, LLCMIN443-19
TrueNorth Health Center, LLCMIN418-19
TrueNorth Health Center, LLCUNMATCHED
Wellspring EndocrinologyMIN392-19
Yellowstone Naturopathic ClinicMIN438-19
Yellowstone OncologyMIN442-19
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthMIN341-19
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthMIN360-19
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthMIN343-19
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthMIN403-19
Bastyr Center for Natural HealthUNMATCHED


Sellwood Family MedicineMIN362-19
An Hao Natural Health ClinicMIN369-19
Mountain View Natural MedicineUNMATCHED
Health IntegrativeMIN428-19
Amenda ClinicMIN376-19
Amenda ClinicMIN345-19
Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center - GurevichMIN390-19
Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center - HayesUNMATCHED
Cascade IntegrativeMIN400-19
Cascade IntegrativeUNMATCHED
Sage Cancer CareMIN401-19
Alder Family MedicineMIN367-19
Heart Spring HealthMIN371-19
8 Hearts RiceUNMATCHED
8 Hearts - SSLMIN439-19
Human Nature Natural HealthMIN352-19
Integrative Naturopathic Medical CenterMIN346-19
Options Naturopathic ClinicUNMATCHED
Peninsula Natural HealthUNMATCHED
Portland Clinic of Holistic HealthMIN389-19
Progressive MedicalMIN425-19
Progressive MedicalMIN385-19
Vermont Natural Family MedicineUNMATCHED


Centro De SaludUNMATCHED
Arizona Natural MedicineUNMATCHED
Integrative EndocrinologyUNMATCHED
Redirect HealthMIN393-19
Redirect HealthMIN408-19
Regenerative Health GroupMIN435-19
Living Wellness Medical CenterMIN344-19
Pain Management SCNM - Neil Riordan Pain CenterMIN387-19
General Medicine SCNMMIN382-19
General Medicine SCNMMIN361-19
General Medicine SCNMMIN414-19
General Medicine SCNMMIN445-19
General Medicine SCNMMIN419-19