Residency Timeline

Key DatesDescription Of The Process
  • Universal Residency Application available to students by participating US CNME Residency Sponsor Institutions. See college websites:,,
  • Residency sponsor schools begin accepting applications

  • Applicants may distribute faculty evaluations via email to evaluators
  • Deadline for Submitting the General Data Sheet, List of Faculty Evaluators, Resume, Personal Statements, Essays, and Site Preference Sheet, Transcripts, NPLEX 1 score, and Application Fee for First Year Residency positions due by 5:00 pm (PDT)

  • Deadline for Submission of Faculty Evaluations due by 5:00 pm (PDT)
  • Eligible applications are sent by residency administrators to all participating sites
02/06/2017 to 04/07/2017
  • Interview period for First Year Residencies positions

  • An applicant should anticipate that a residency site may schedule interviews anytime during this period
  • Ranking of residency sites are submitted by applicants through the AANMC match portal by 5:00 pm (PDT)

  • Ranking of applicants are submitted by sites to their corresponding residency administrators by 5:00 pm (PDT)
  • Match portal open from 4/15 at 12:01am PDT to 4/21 5pm PDT
  • Applicants receive their confidential Match Identification Number from the AANMC Match Administrator
  • Match Day!

  • Residency Matching Committee convenes and match results are published on the AANMC website by 7:30 pm (PDT)

  • Site administrators will be contacted via e-mail by residency administrators
  • Formal letters mailed to applicants confirming selection with "statement of intent" or denial
  • Signed statement of Intent acknowledging acceptance of the residency offers must be received by 5:00 pm (PDT)
  • If applicable - Unmatched applicants are informed of unmatched sites as well as the application procedures for those sites