Dr. JoAnn Yanez, AANMC executive director, joins Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine‘s The Daily Dose to explain why now is a great time to change your career to pursue your passion!

Full Transcript of Interview Below.

Dr. JoAnn Yanez: “There’s no time like the present to follow your passion. So, if you’ve determined that this is your passion, go for it. Come up with a plan. We have many resources at AANMC.org for folks who are looking into this as a pathway, who are trying to figure out, “How do I get started?” “What do I need to do?” All of that is available to you. And like you said, there’s a lot of time to do research right now, and there’s a lot of good research out there. There’s also some misinformation. And so, I just always want to reinforce for folks that, when they’re going out, make sure that you’re looking at reputable sources. Talk to licensed naturopathic doctors, contact the schools. Contact admissions counselors early on, to understand your journey, your path, what courses you need to take, so you don’t start barking up trees that maybe aren’t as accurate or appropriate for you.”

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