AANMC Committees

The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) convenes volunteer-based committees which are led by faculty and/or staff from each of its member schools. Collaborative committee work forms the foundation of our collective commitment to the advancement of naturopathic medical education.

Admissions and Recruitment Committee

The mission of the Admissions and Recruitment Committee is to enhance individual and collective success of member organizations recruitment of high-quality, diverse and successful naturopathic medical students.


Career Services Committee

The mission of the AANMC Career Services Committee is to enhance graduate success through shared resources and targeted events, advancing the career and placement opportunities for naturopathic graduates.


Chief Medical Officers Sub-committee (CMO)

The mission of the Chief Medical Officers Sub-committee is to foster best clinical practices across student education at the AANMC-member academic medical centers.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI)

Addressing and resolving diversity, equity and inclusion issues on AANMC member campuses is vital to the short and long-term viability of our academic institutions and naturopathic-wide professional health. Systemic racism, and conscious and unconscious bias poison campus and healthcare communities, and ultimately negatively impact the quality of patient care all doctors provide.

It is incumbent upon us all to address the root of academic and clinical bias. We commit to ongoing training, and activities and policies that foster communities that are safe and inclusive for all.

It is in that spirit that the AANMC convened the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. Their recommended goals drive a collective effort across the naturopathic academic community, and help share best practices that will solidify the infrastructure needed to ensure lasting change.


Marketing Committee

The AANMC Marketing Committee mission is to align communication across the naturopathic medical education community. This committee is composed of directors of AANMC member institution marketing departments or their designee.


The Council of Chief Academic and Clinical Officers (CCACO)

The mission of CCACO is to further the development of superior educational outcomes for the naturopathic profession and advance the level of training and competence of naturopathic medical graduates.


Residency Committee

The AANMC Residency Committee supports the growth of post-graduate naturopathic medical education (PGME) opportunities and serves as a resource to legislative bodies by offering information regarding the state of PGME in the profession. In addition, the Residency Committee serves as a resource to specialty board certification bodies. The Committee oversees the AANMC Residency Application and annual Naturopathic Residency Match.