Graduates of our accredited schools share their stories of success – from schooling to their careers.

Dr. Cassandra Goodwin – BINM

Dr. Cassandra Goodwin is no stranger to the medical field. Her father was an MD, and her mother a nurse. How did a family in Perth, Australia lead her to Boucher?

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Dr. Jennifer Bahr – SCNM

“I get to see people’s lives turn around. I get to see them actually heal.” Having joined the navy, in large part, due to not knowing what to do with her life, Dr. Jennifer Bahr finally came up with a career plan: become a medical doctor. But not just any medical... read more

Holly Wurtz, ND – NUHS

“I felt like I found my lost tribe. The naturopathic doctors were enthusiastic, passionate, and the medicine was exciting.”   Dr. Holly Wurtz’s career path was, for all intents and purposes, laser-focused on becoming a medical doctor. With several doctors already... read more

Matea Polisoto, ND – NCNM

While there’s so much to love about her career (treating world-renowned pop stars, hanging out backstage at the Grammy’s), the one thing that keeps Dr. Matea Polisoto inspired is that she gets results.

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