Graduates of our accredited schools share their stories of success – from schooling to their careers.

Dr. Geo Espinosa – UBCNM

Practicing medicine wasn’t even on Dr. Geo Espinosa’s mind until his junior year of college. At that point, he had an epiphany and realized he wanted to be a clinician. Despite being behind on prerequisite courses, he decided to take the plunge to pursue his passion. Then, he found his calling. “I discovered naturopathic medicine during one visit to the library—there was no internet at the time—and felt compelled to pursue it as a profession. I never looked back,” Dr. Espinosa says.

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Dr. Rae Nicole St. Arnault – BINM

Dr. Rae Nicole St. Arnault’s career path began with a desire to change the world. She was pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Geography, and Sociology, and she had plans to study law and perhaps work for the UN. “But what I discovered in this process is that while yes, change certainly is needed on a global level, change also needs to happen at an individual level,” she says.

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Dr. Lisa Krebs – NUHS

Dr. Lisa Krebs started out in graphic design and multimedia, however, when she experienced a few abrupt changes in her life, she found a completely different outlet for her creative abilities: naturopathic medicine.

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Dr. Kirsten Wright – NUNM

Dr. Kirsten Wright’s first encounter with naturopathic medicine was when several of her family members failed to find relief from conventional care and turned to alternative treatment for their autoimmune conditions.

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Dr. Ellen McDonell – CCNM

Dr. Ellen McDonell didn’t waste any time diving into the field of naturopathic medicine. She had been interested in nutrition, exercise, and preventative medicine from a young age, and she was planning to apply to medical school after graduating from the University of Ottawa.

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Dr. Chad Aschtgen – Bastyr

Dr. Chad Aschtgen came across naturopathic medicine by accident. He saw a small Bastyr poster on the wall at a health food store while he was attending university in Boulder, Colorado. Given his interests in the outdoors and holistic health care, ND school was a natural next step for him.

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