Graduates of our accredited schools share their stories of success – from schooling to their careers.

Dr. Lisa Ghent – BINM

Frustrated with the lack of help she was receiving from conventional medicine, Dr. Lisa Ghent discovered naturopathic medicine as a patient struggling with fertility.

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Dr. Spice Lussier – SCNM

With a love for science and a passion to provide person-centered holistic care, Dr. Spice Lussier discovered naturopathic medicine while pursuing a career in allopathic medicine. “I love being a part of the transformations I see in my patients’ lives with the improvement of their health.”

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Dr. Radley Ramdhan – UBSNM

“The experience of serving in the military has provided me with a deeper appreciation for life, a stronger desire to help others, the flexibility of thinking outside the box, and has shown me the importance of patience and humility, all of which helped me through medical school and now in practice. Often times, I am able to draw on military experiences to relate to patients, and as a result, I can help them more effectively. Resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability are some qualities from the military that have made me a stronger naturopathic doctor.”

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Dr. Kaley Burns – NUHS

“There is magic in medicine that does not derive solely from technology or diagnostic aptitude; but rather from our interactions with patients.”

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Dr. Carrie Baldwin-Sayre – NUNM

“It just made sense to find the root cause of illness rather than just put a band-aid on it, and use whatever natural means were effective FIRST, before elevating to riskier or side-effect ridden therapies.”

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Dr. Chris Habib – CCNM

“When you become an ND, you are automatically an entrepreneur. That means you can start any business that interests you and nurture it into something that can make a real impact for others.”

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