Welcome, Future Naturopathic Students


Thinking about a career in naturopathic medicine? Check out the free resources below for more information. It is also helpful to connect directly with each school and receive information specific to their requirements.

Our Naturopathic Medical Colleges

AANMC’s accredited naturopathic schools meet both federal and academic standards. Explore all AANMC member schools to discover the unique qualities of each institution.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care profession that combines the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science.

Academic Prerequisites

All of the AANMC member ND programs require a base of undergraduate science courses that include biology as well as general and organic chemistry. Physics, biochemistry, math and psychology courses may also be specified and can be helpful when applying.

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The Curriculum

Licensed naturopathic physicians have attended four-year professional-level programs at accredited institutions, where they have been educated in the same basic sciences as allopathic physicians.

Comparing the ND & MD Curricula

When considering naturopathic medical programs, the question of how Naturopathic Doctor (ND) programs compare to MD programs is often asked.

Can I Earn My ND Degree Online?

With the growing interest in online programs – and the increased capacities of technology – it’s only natural for you to wonder whether you could earn an ND degree online.

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3 Steps to Plan for School

Attending an accredited naturopathic program is the first step toward pursuing your career as a naturopathic physician.

The Cost of Your Education (Financial Resources)

Deciding to enroll in naturopathic medical school is a life-changing choice. Whether you are a recent college graduate or have been working in another career, the more prepared you are financially, the easier the transition will likely be to student life.

Success Stories

Graduates of our accredited schools share their stories of success – from schooling to their careers.

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Licensed States/Provinces

Candidates for full licensure must also satisfy all licensing requirements for the individual state or province in which they hope to practice.

Naturopathic Residencies

One of the most important aspects of naturopathic medical training is the opportunity to work with patients in hands-on clinical settings. AANMC member schools offer clinical experiences throughout the course of study.

Income Expectations

While income may not be the most important factor for graduates of naturopathic medical school, we recognize that applicants want to feel secure in their ability to make a living and pay off student loan debt.

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Interested in what your career could look like after graduating? Check out our Career Opportunities.