Post-Graduate Naturopathic Residencies

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One of the most important aspects of naturopathic medical training is the opportunity to work with patients in a genuine clinical setting. AANMC member schools all offer clinical experiences throughout the course of study. However, in the interest of furthering their education, many naturopathic doctors also choose to complete residencies upon graduation.

Residencies are not required for licensure and practice (except in Utah), but they are very popular, and many NDs elect to practice in a residency setting for one or two years before striking out on their own. Just as new MDs benefit from the experiences gained during residency, new NDs find the mentorship and patient interactions available in a residency setting to be invaluable in becoming a better doctor. Such real-life experiences are one of the things that set AANMC naturopathic medicine programs apart.

Each sponsor school must meet stringent requirements, which can be reviewed in the Handbook on CNME Postdoctoral Naturopathic Medical Education Sponsor Recognition Process and Standards. Graduates of AANMC schools are eligible and welcome to apply for and participate in ND residencies.

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Residency Sites

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Student Resources for Applying to Residency

Residency Match Timeline

Timeline for the residency application and matching process.


Answers to the most common residency questions.

How-To Guide for Applying to Residency

Get all your questions answered for applying to residency.


Get tips for how to write professional resumes.

Personal Statements & Essay Questions

Get tips for how to write personal statements and essay questions.


Faculty Guide

Faculty guide submitting your evaluations for residency applicants


About the AANMC Residency Committee

The AANMC Residency Committee functions with the support of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME), the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) and other specialty boards of naturopathic medical examiners.

We believe in improving healthcare by facilitating structures and processes, and accessing resources that support exemplary naturopathic post-graduate medical education. Our vision is to provide universal naturopathic post-graduate medical education with these core values:

Access. Accountability. Collaborative. Excellence. Ethical.