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Dear Health Professions Advisors:

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) for resources to assist your students on their journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor (ND). We strive to make this process as user friendly as possible, but please feel free to contact us if there are additional resources you would like to see, or if you have trouble finding what you are looking for.

Do your students want to make a difference in healthcare? Are they interested in the use of natural medicines, an integrative approach, and prevention? NDs practice primary care and address the causes of disease, restore deficient determining factors of health and always attempt to support the body’s ability to heal. They use therapies such as nutrition, botanical medicine, physical medicine and more. By studying to be a naturopathic physician, your students will combine the best of natural therapies and evidence-based medical science.

We invite you to learn and share what it takes to become an ND – a rewarding career path offered at accredited naturopathic medical schools across North America.

Whether a career in clinical practice, research, higher education, or leadership, naturopathic medicine will appeal to those students who see the tide of poor health – rising incidence of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dementia and mood disorders – and want to do something to impact the health of their community. It is a people-focused field that requires a lot of entry knowledge and skill. Our alumni tell us that a naturopathic medicine career can be satisfying across many areas –quality of life, flexibility, and career satisfaction.

Please join us as we define the future of health care by introducing promising young doctors to the field of naturopathic medicine.

Yours in health,
Christine L. Girard, ND, MPH
AANMC President


Naturopathic Medicine Overview

Learn how the history of naturopathic medicine, the six Guiding Principles, and the Therapeutic Order set naturopathic medicine apart from other health care approaches.


Career Paths

While many who choose naturopathic medicine practice clinically, patient care is not the only career path naturopathic physicians excel in. Plus, learn about career satisfaction, the ND job outlook, income expectations and licensure.


Accredited Naturopathic Medical Schools

Why is accreditation important and where can I find these programs?


Preparing for a Naturopathic Medical Education

Become well-versed in admissions requirements, the application process, and financial aid resources to chart an individualized plan for future ND candidates.


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