Interested in Naturopathic Medicine? Get Started Here + Download Your Free Ebook

Interested in Naturopathic Medicine?
Get Started Here +
Download Your Free Ebook

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“I want to learn more about naturopathic medicine—I think I might even like to be a naturopathic doctor! So, what do I do now?”

If you are beginning to develop an interest in naturopathic medicine but don’t know much about it yet, start by following these simple steps and download your free Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine ebook.

Find Out if Being an ND is Right for You

If you are thinking about pursuing a career as a naturopathic doctor, the first thing to do is to learn more about the field. Start by doing a little research on naturopathic medicine and whether it is a good fit for you. You can even contact naturopathic medicine schools for a list of alumni in your area so that you can connect with people in your community and learn more about what the field is like. Admissions counselors at the accredited programs will be able to provide you with NDs in your area.

Learn About Naturopathic Medicine Schools

Next, you will want to learn more about the accredited naturopathic medical schools in order to get an education that will set you up to legally practice as a licensed naturopathic doctor. Find the programs that make the most sense for you based on their location and areas of specialization, and then learn about what makes them special.

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Learn About Program Options

Once you have determined which schools could be options for you, check out their websites. Find which specific programs they offer, including dual degree options, as well as what types of clinical and research experience would be available to you at each campus. This can help to discover and narrow down your areas of interest, and empower you to pick the best school for your career goals.

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Get Your Free Ebook!

To help you start learning about naturopathic medicine, we want to give you a free ebook that is chock-full of resources and information. You’ll learn the basic principles and history of naturopathic medicine as a field, as well as find out about education options to become a naturopathic doctor.

What You’ll Find in the Free Ebook:

  • About Naturopathic Medicine—the basics of what naturopathic medicine is, its history, uses, and benefits.
  • Core Values of Naturopathic Medicine—learn about the core principles that naturopathic medicine is built on and how naturopathic doctors embody these values in their practice.
  • Career Outlook—find out what a career as a naturopathic doctor could look like for you, including job availability, salary expectations, and areas of practice.
  • Getting Started—the resources you need to get started on your journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor.
  • About the AANMC—learn what the AANMC does and why it is important.

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