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Could naturopathic medicine be the right choice for you? Take the quiz to find out if you have the heart of an ND!

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The field of naturopathic medicine is growing as patients seek alternative approaches to healthcare, and want medicine that addresses the cause more naturally. Students are increasingly attracted to the wide variety of career paths, career flexibility, and opportunities to make a difference. Could naturopathic medicine be the right choice for you? Take the quiz to find out if you have the heart of a naturopathic doctor!

A Holistic Approach

One of the founding principles of naturopathic medical practice is a holistic approach to treatment. Naturopathic doctors treat the whole person, looking at how different systems and ailments may be interconnected. In addition, NDs are more likely to take a team approach to treatment, looking at a variety of causes for presenting health problems.

Nutrition and Exercise

An important feature of naturopathic medicine is the reliance on nutrition and exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle. Naturopathic doctors are often called upon as educators, teaching patients how to listen to their bodies and stay well. Food and movement can be medicine and are often core to lifelong wellness.

Mind-Body Connection

Naturopathic doctors look to treat both the mind and the body. Many naturopathic medical clinics utilize therapies that not only address physical ailments, but mental and spiritual concerns as well. Mind-body medicine approaches are tailored to the individual patient in order to mitigate symptoms before they impact our health.

Stress Management

Naturopathic medicine takes a proactive approach to health care, noting the importance to prevent ailments before they occur. Recognition of the role of stress in illness, and teaching patients lifelong coping skills is core to naturopathic treatment.

Natural Approaches and Herbal Medicine

If you are considering a career in naturopathic medicine, you will need to become knowledgeable in the many different natural approaches to treatment. Naturopathic doctors seek out the gentlest approach for their patients, reserving more invasive methods as a means of last resort. Herbal medicine is a key tool in the naturopathic tool belt. NDs honor cultural botanical medicine practices with modern advances in botanical research.

Here are a few common characteristics of successful naturopathic medical students:

  • Strong academic background
  • Excellent communicators
  • Socially conscious
  • Passionate for disease prevention
  • Inquisitive and excited to find the root cause of illness
  • Recognizes the power of a holistic approach to patient care

To learn more about the steps needed to pursue your calling in naturopathic medicine, click here.

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