Dr. Meghan Walker – CCNM

Meghan Walker, ND is the ‘Chief Cheerleader’ at Clinician Business Labs – a platform built to empower clinicians and help their businesses thrive. Dr. Walker is an award-winning speaker on 

Dr. Eli Andersen – NUNM

Dr. Eli Andersen is a naturopathic primary care doctor at a federally qualified health center (FQHC) serving the north Oregon coastal community. He shares his path to naturopathic medicine and his passion for providing care to underserved communities.

Dr. Rick Bhim – CCNM

Dr. Rick Bhim is a resident at the CCNM Integrative Cancer Center in the process of becoming a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncologists (FABNO). He shares his path to a career in naturopathic oncology and how he works to improve the lives of cancer patients.

Dr. Tracy Wooten – SCNM

“I encourage you not to chase after money or fame, but after a respectable reputation. When you provide the best care to your patients, your reward will soon follow.”

Dr. Spice Lussier – SCNM

With a love for science and a passion to provide person-centered holistic care, Dr. Spice Lussier discovered naturopathic medicine while pursuing a career in allopathic medicine. “I love being a part of the transformations I see in my patients’ lives with the improvement of their health.”

Dr. Gurdev Parmar – CCNM

Gurdev Parmar, ND, FABNO is the co-founder and medical director of the largest Canadian integrative health care facility – Integrated Health Clinic in Fort Langley, British Columbia. Dr. Parmar is also the author of “Textbook of Naturopathic Oncology: A Desktop Guide of Integrative Cancer Care” – the result of six years worth of writing and collaboration in integrative oncology.

Dr. Ann Grimwood – A Naturopathic Physician’s Career in Global Health

Ann Grimwood, ND is vice president and president-elect of Natural Doctors International (NDI) – a non-profit organized with the mission of promoting global health and social justice through service, education, policy and research. Learn about her path to practicing naturopathic medicine on a global scale and her work with NDI.

Dr. Traci Pantuso – Bastyr

Help us congratulate Dr. Traci Pantusso, the first ND in approximately 10 years to win the prestigious Pilot Award from the NIH-funded Institute for Translational Health Sciences at the University of Washington. Learn about Dr. Pantuso’s path to naturopathic medicine and her work as adjunct clinical faculty and research investigator at Bastyr University.

Dr. Robert Kachko – UBSNM

Dr. Kachko has never lost sight of why he chose naturopathic medicine – not just to help people, but to become a part of their lives. Through the rigors of school, and the demands of practice, he believes it’s vital that young NDs and future students never lose sight of their why. Dr. Kachko currently serves as President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Learn about his career path, his advice for future NDs, and why the naturopathic approach to care is on the frontier of medicine.

Dr. Jessalyn Shamess – BINM

“I’ve always loved nutrition and biochemistry, and I found naturopathic medicine to be strong in those areas. The principles of holism and the idea of the intrinsic ability of the body to heal also really connected with my personal philosophy on health.”

Dr. Nicole Redvers – A Leader in Indigenous Health – CCNM

“My training and education have provided a bridge between two divergent worldviews. As an ND, I am not placed in either of these worlds – Indigenous or conventional, which allows me to maintain perspective and consider all angles of a research question, a community problem, or even a patient case.”

Dr. Cory Szybala – NUNM

 “After working with so many amazing practitioners in multiple disciplines of medicine, I felt there was a ‘gap’ in what I consider true primary care medicine. It wasn’t until I moved to the West Coast that I heard about naturopathic medicine, and once I did, I felt as though I had found true primary care medicine – medicine that works on a preventative, holistic, and integrative level.”

Dr. Lily Stokely – Bastyr

“Before discovering naturopathic medicine, I felt a hunger for more information about the human body in both physical and emotional states. I felt torn between more mental/emotional healthcare fields and the physical. It seemed confusing that they were separated in conventional medicine. Naturopathic medicine is the only healthcare profession that I know of that has the ability to fully support all aspects of health.”

Dr. Miranda LaBant – NUHS

“I always thought I knew what the term ‘doctor’ meant, but it wasn’t until I started seeing patients on my own, that I really understood the true meaning of docere – to instruct or teach. Behind the doors of the patient-doctor relationship is where the healing begins.”

Dr. Doni Wilson – Bastyr

“I like to help the underdog because I’ve been the underdog. The one who is not feeling well, hasn’t found an answer, who wants to feel better and will do what it takes, even if that means facing fears of how their life may change and that they may actually get what they want – whether that is a baby, a relationship, a new job, or the ability to travel.”

Dr. Jolene Brighten – NUNM

“Throughout school through today, I have maintained a growth mindset, a gratitude practice, and had faith in my ability to create my own success. I coach many practitioners in business, and mindset is always a foundational piece that has been in place for me in order to succeed.”

Dr. Jessica Cooper – SCNM

“I knew naturopathic medicine was the right path for me because of the philosophy behind the medicine. It made so much more sense to use natural substances to support distressed organ systems and to teach people how to take care of themselves rather than having them rely on a medication.”

Dr. Kim Bretz – CCNM

“I strongly believe that there is a huge difference between living a long life and dying a long life. We have become very adept at keeping people alive with amazing, life-saving medications and techniques, but have fallen behind in our focus on optimal health and disease prevention.” Kim Bretz, ND sees the value that naturopathic medicine offers in its approach to preventative health care and healthy living.

Dr. Chris Habib – CCNM

“When you become an ND, you are automatically an entrepreneur. That means you can start any business that interests you and nurture it into something that can make a real impact for others.”

Dr. Sean X. Hesler – SCNM

“My awakening to the moral imperative as a privileged global citizen is what drove my focus on global medicine.”

Dr. John Finnell – Bastyr

“As the first naturopathic physician and acupuncturist appointed to lead a Veterans Affairs Whole Health program, I will do my best to represent our professions and medicine in the best way.” Learn about Dr. Finnell’s path to naturopathic medicine, successes, and his advice for prospective students.

Dr. Casey Seenauth – SCNM

“I love being able to offer patients a new perspective on their health care. Many patients come to my office after being told that they have exhausted all the options that conventional medicine has to offer.” Learn about Dr. Casey Seenauth’s path to naturopathic medicine and how he treats pain patients naturally.

Dr. Jacqueline Yang – SCNM

“I always knew I wanted to be a doctor, but when I was college, I started to ask myself what kind of doctor do I really want to be? How do I want to help people?  I see my work as my purpose, so these questions hit me hard.” With that, Dr. Jacqueline Yang began researching other approaches to care and discovered her calling in naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Aaron Wong – BINM

After suffering a debilitating back injury that resulted in years of recovery, and experimentation with numerous conventional and alternative treatments, Dr. Wong found healing in naturopathic medicine. Experiencing the power of holistic medicine was the driving force in his career change to naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Lindsey Wells – UBSNM

Recognizing that parents of special needs children have one the highest divorce rates, Lindsey Wells, ND was motivated to focus her medical career on keeping families together. After shadowing allopathic doctors and observing some of the challenges with limited disciplines and time spent with the patients, she knew there had to be another approach to care.

Dr. Heather Wright – Bastyr

“I chose to pursue naturopathic medicine out of a deep sense of knowing that nature is the best medicine and that food, plants and our environment are integral to human health. I saw a direct relationship between how people lived and how they experienced health.”

Dr. Lisa Ghent – BINM

Frustrated with the lack of help she was receiving from conventional medicine, Dr. Lisa Ghent discovered naturopathic medicine as a patient struggling with fertility.

Dr. Radley Ramdhan – UBSNM

“The experience of serving in the military has provided me with a deeper appreciation for life, a stronger desire to help others, the flexibility of thinking outside the box, and has shown me the importance of patience and humility, all of which helped me through medical school and now in practice. Often times, I am able to draw on military experiences to relate to patients, and as a result, I can help them more effectively. Resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability are some qualities from the military that have made me a stronger naturopathic doctor.”

Dr. Kaley Burns – NUHS

“There is magic in medicine that does not derive solely from technology or diagnostic aptitude; but rather from our interactions with patients.”

Dr. Carrie Baldwin-Sayre – NUNM

“It just made sense to find the root cause of illness rather than just put a band-aid on it, and use whatever natural means were effective FIRST, before elevating to riskier or side-effect ridden therapies.”

Dr. Ellen Wong – CCNM

“I help my patients shift perspectives, so they can empower themselves to make the health changes they want to see.”

Dr. Eric Secor – Bastyr

As Associate Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute, Dr. Secor describes his role as “a challenge and blessing being one of the only NDs directing and growing a multi-site hospital-based IM program.” Learn more about Dr. Secor’s path to naturopathic medicine and his advice for prospective students.

Dr. Ralph Esposito – UBSNM

“I was determined to prove that perhaps modern medicine did not have all the answers. Mix that with drive and a reluctance to accept the status quo, and you have what some would call passion.”

Dr. Robyn Prescott – BINM

“I get to share a piece of people’s lives and help guide them to better health on a daily basis. I enjoy creating a safe, connected, and inspiring atmosphere for my patients to heal.”

Dr. Erik Nelson – SCNM

Immediately following the completion of his undergraduate degree, Dr. Erik Nelson packed his bags and pursued his calling in naturopathic medicine at SCNM. Learn how Dr. Nelson combines his love of sports with his career in naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Raynette Ilg – NUHS

Dr. Raynette Ilg’s career started in office work, but her family roots in botanical medicine led her to pursue a career in naturopathic medicine. Dr. “Ray” fondly recalls picking healing herbs from her grandmother’s garden, a practice that foreshadowed her professional calling as a naturopathic doctor.

Dr. Corina Dunlap – NUNM

“I didn’t want to be one of many clinicians shuffled through the system. I wanted to feel like I was, and am a pioneer in a field that is truly guiding the way of the future.”

Dr. Andrea Maxim – CCNM

For CCNM alumna Dr. Andrea Maxim, it’s her ability to touch the lives of patients and address their problems that makes her practice a success.

Dr. Ben Lynch – Bastyr

“…the connection between understanding how the body works, how it gets broken and how to naturally restore its function resonated with me way more than the conventional way of stopping symptoms.”

Dr. Jaquel Patterson – UBCNM

“The sky is the limit with naturopathic medicine. You really can choose any path you like.” Dr. Jaquel Patterson shares what drove her decision to become a licensed naturopathic physician and her road to success.

Dr. Alexandra Power – BINM

“There are many aspects of the profession that I love, but I think the amount of educating I get to do as a Naturopathic Doctor sticks out to me the most.”

Dr. Steven Sorr – SCNM

“I am passionate about connecting people with their health. I love being the person to demystify a patient’s medical concerns to help them understand what is going on and what 

Dr. Rachel Klein – NUHS

“I knew that I was looking for a career in the healthcare field and believed that doing things in the most natural way possible lead to the best health. Naturopathic Medicine combined these two elements, so it felt right for me.”

Dr. Julie Briley – NUNM

Dr. Julie Briley was well on her way to a career in environmental education before discovering naturopathic medicine. Then she realized that she could combine all of her passions in one field.

Dr. Paul Hrkal – CCNM

Dr. Paul Hrkal never had a doubt in his mind that naturopathic medicine was his calling. Years later as a successful naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur, husband and father he is happy to say he is living the dream. With naturopathic medicine Dr. Hrkal was attracted to the entrepreneurial flexibility that allowed him to shape his career around his lifestyle and interests.

Dr. Griffin McMath – Bastyr

Dr. Griffin McMath knew she was destined to become a naturopathic doctor from a young age. With dreams of making an impact around the world with only limited supplies, her knowledge, skill and therapeutic hands, she found her healing passion aligned with the therapeutic order.

Dr. Geo Espinosa – UBSNM

Practicing medicine wasn’t even on Dr. Geo Espinosa’s mind until his junior year of college when he had an epiphany and realized he wanted to be a clinician. “In my gut, I felt naturopathic medicine was right for me.”

Dr. Rae Nicole St. Arnault – BINM

Dr. Rae Nicole St. Arnault’s career path began with a desire to change the world. She was pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Geography, and Sociology, and she had plans to study law and perhaps work for the UN. “But what I discovered in this process is that while yes, change certainly is needed on a global level, change also needs to happen at an individual level,” she says.

Dr. Jillian Finker – SCNM

Dr. Jillian Finker always knew she wanted to be a doctor. Thanks to advice from her chiropractor, she discovered naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Lisa Krebs – NUHS

Dr. Lisa Krebs started out in graphic design and multimedia, however, when she experienced a few abrupt changes in her life, she found a completely different outlet for her creative abilities: naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Kirsten Wright – NUNM

Dr. Kirsten Wright’s first encounter with naturopathic medicine was when several of her family members failed to find relief from conventional care and turned to alternative treatment for their autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Ellen McDonell – CCNM

Dr. Ellen McDonell didn’t waste any time diving into the field of naturopathic medicine. She had been interested in nutrition, exercise, and preventative medicine from a young age, and she was planning to apply to medical school after graduating from the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Chad Aschtgen – Bastyr

Dr. Chad Aschtgen came across naturopathic medicine by accident. He saw a small Bastyr poster on the wall at a health food store while he was attending university in Boulder, Colorado. Given his interests in the outdoors and holistic health care, ND school was a natural next step for him.

Dr. Amy Cole – UBCNM

Dr. Amy Cole was planning to pursue a career in conventional medicine, but her own experience with naturopathic care changed her path. She began seeing a naturopathic doctor and experienced better results without the use of prescription drugs, which led her to decide to pursue an education in naturopathic medicine to better serve her future patients.

Dr. Julie Durnan – BINM

Dr. Julie Durnan discovered a huge gap when she saw firsthand how many sick people suffered because they couldn’t find treatment. Then she discovered naturopathic medicine and found her passion. After visiting a friend studying to be an ND, Dr. Durnan decided to pursue an education in naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Amy Bader – NUNM

Dr. Amy Bader always tells people that she didn’t choose naturopathic medicine, it chose her. She stumbled upon the field while she was in the process of applying to conventional medical school. When she was young, Dr. Bader’s mother was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Her family pursued a wide variety of approaches. Dr. Bader believes this is what led her to have an open mind about medicine.

Dr. Ashley Biscoe – NUHS

Dr. Ashley Biscoe was working as a public health researcher and project manager in Chicago when her health began to decline. She visited several conventional doctors, but each one told her there was nothing wrong with her – that it was probably just stress. Refusing to accept those answers, she began doing her own research to find out more about her health problems, and discovered naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Heidi Weinhold – SCNM

Dr. Weinhold saw the need for licensure in her state and was motivated to take action. So, she decided to become involved in local politics. After a tough road, she successfully helped her state pass a major finish line.

Dr. Nicole Egenberger – CCNM

“Being a naturopathic doctor is a calling more than a job; it requires dedication and will constantly stretch you, both intellectually and emotionally. And if you can commit to that, 

Dr. Peter Bongiorno and Dr. Pina LoGiudice – Bastyr

“It is an honor to witness someone’s journey, and to support that journey. Whether we are supporting with conversation to give someone a safe space to speak, or using a 

Dr. Daemon Jones – UBSNM

Dr. Daemon Jones was unhappy in her corporate job. She made an appointment with a naturopathic doctor to discuss her general malaise. After one visit, she was fascinated. She loved what she heard about the lifestyle changes that could get her back to loving life.

Dr. Cassandra Goodwin – BINM

Dr. Cassandra Goodwin is no stranger to the medical field. Her father was an MD, and her mother a nurse. How did a family in Perth, Australia lead her to Boucher?

Dr. Jennifer Bahr – SCNM

“I get to see people’s lives turn around. I get to see them actually heal.” Having joined the navy, in large part, due to not knowing what to do with 

Dr. Holly Wurtz – NUHS

“I felt like I found my tribe. The naturopathic doctors were enthusiastic, passionate, and the medicine was exciting.” Laying the groundwork to become an ND Dr. Holly Wurtz’s career path 

Matea Polisoto, ND – NCNM

While there’s so much to love about her career (treating world-renowned pop stars, hanging out backstage at the Grammy’s), the one thing that keeps Dr. Matea Polisoto inspired is that she gets results.

Rachelle Viinberg, ND – CCNM

A silver-medalist Olympian who credits naturopathic medicine as a major factor of her success at rowing … and in life.

Dr. Kabran Chapek – Bastyr

Vicks Vapo Rub and a conversation at a Mexican restaurant helped Dr. Kabran Chapek discover his true passion: naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Rigo Kefferputz – BINM

Motherly advice and Dr. Kefferputz’s road to naturopathic medicine

Dr. Dan Rubin – SCNM

You never know when a life-changing moment is just around the corner. For Dr. Rubin, one moment in time helped him find his place in naturopathic medicine.

Dr. McKewon and Dr. Long – BINM

Drs. Michael Long and Katie McKeown never wanted to work in a career where they were a slave to the system. That’s why and how they came across naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Leah Hollon – NCNM Success Story

Nurturing a passion for helping others – Discover how Dr. Hollon chose this profession.

Fraser Smith, ND

Education:  Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (1997) Active in profession (practice/teaching/admin.) since: 1997 Professional Setting: Faculty member, National University of Health Sciences Location: Lombard, Ill. (unlicensed state) Areas of focus/specialties: 

Donese Worden, ND, MA

Education:  Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences(2001) In practice since: 1991 Clinic:Worden Medical Specialties Practice setting: Private practice Location: Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona (licensed state) Areas of focus/specialties: 

Dr. Peter D’Adamo – Bastyr

“Naturopathic medicine is a license to think any thought possible. To me, that constitutes being a doctor.”

Carrie Louise Daenell, ND

Education: Bastyr University (1998, first graduation class) In practice since: 1998 Clinic:Natural Health & Science, Inc. Practice setting: Private practice Location: Denver, Colorado (unlicensed state) Area of focus/specialty: Digestive issues, auto-immune 

Erin Wiley, ND and Meghan Walker, ND

Education: Canadian College of Naturoapthic Medicine (CCNM) (2007) In practice since: 2007 Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (licensed province) Practice setting: Integrative team Clinic:Integrative Health Institute Area of focus/specialty: • Environmental 

Kelly A. Simms, ND

Education: Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences (2010) Undergraduate education: BS in biomedical, biological and agricultural engineering; pre-medical program – North Carolina State University (2004) Certifications/continuing education: Wisconsin