Dr. Baljit Khamba – Cancer Thriver, ND, Educator and Researcher

“I am a recent breast cancer thriver.”  Last year Dr. Baljit K. Khamba had the chance to be a patient and combine the efforts of her naturopathic community to guide her to a place of healing.  Now she advocates for naturopathic medicine in cancer care through various podcasts and speaking opportunities.

Sharing her journey

During her journey she blogged about the entire experience and made it available to the public.  “My hope was to show patients how to become empowered through the struggles that we go through.”   In addition to her blog, Dr. Khamba advocates for naturopathic medicine in cancer care through various podcasts and speaking opportunities.  

Continuing a Family Tradition

Naturopathic medicine came to Dr. Khamba at an early age so it was only natural that she would pursue a career in naturopathy.  She grew up learning from her mother, who came from a remote village in northern India, about the healing properties of nature and traditional forms of healing.  Dr. Khamba’s family lineage was that of the village healers passing down from generation to generation how various roots, spices, plants, and herbs can be used to help bring healing. 

And now she passes down her experience and education to a new generation of students at Bastyr University as an instructor of Mental Health, Nervous System, Naturopathic Approaches to Addictions, Passion Projects, and Constitutional Assessment.  “Being able to discover alternate learning styles that gives the student the ability to feel empowered in the knowledge they’ve gained,” is what really excites Dr. Khamba about naturopathic education.  

Dr. Khamba credits her mother for lighting the curiosity of discovery within her.  “I was always innately curious of how we can work with nature to bring about healing and health.  This curiosity spurred me into wondering about how nutrition can play a role in a person’s mood and focus.”   This love for research, nutritional impact on mood and her cultural background helped shape her passion for wanting to help others through naturopathic medicine and research.  

Advancing Naturopathy Research

Her most recent research is focused on working on a rapid review with other naturopathic researchers in Australia on the potential use of honeybee products to treat symptoms of respiratory illness and COVID-19.   In addition, she has researched areas regarding the safety profile of patients taking natural health supplements in conjunction with psychiatric medications and looking at improving sexual dysfunction in people who are on SSRI using acupuncture. 

Dr. Khamba carries this passion for research over to her ND students and promotes the science of naturopathy. “There are many aspects of naturopathic medicine that have research potential.  Research is quickly growing in our field and the excitement of being at the forefront of that knowledge makes the 4 years of studying completely worth it.”

Best Advice

When questioned what qualities make a strong ND student, Dr. Khamba responded, “The ability to ask for help when needed, keep focus during times of stress and learn to have a strong belief in yourself.” Naturopathic medicine has given Dr. Khamba the opportunity to help build community connections, seek out her passions and connect deeply with her patients.  “I like that my name and cultural background inspires those who are similar to me to trust me with their care.  I am thankful that the South Asian community have approached me for their health goals.”

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Khamba her website is www.foodandmood.co

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