Tips from a Naturopathic Medical Student

Join the AANMC and President of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association – Blake Langley for an informative session on what it takes to thrive as an ND student!

Here’s what you can expect to learn:
-A day in the life of a naturopathic medical student
-What to expect from naturopathic medical school
-How to balance school and life responsibilities
-How to build your resume and experience as a student to prepare for a career you will love
-Advice for prospective students

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About the Presenter

Blake Langley is in his sixth year of studies in naturopathic and Chinese medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine. Hailing from the southeastern United States, he was raised in an area of the country underserved by naturopathic medicine. The therapeutic order and 6 principles of naturopathic medicine strongly guide his approach to patient care. He serves as President of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association and represents the voice of naturopathic students at the Integrative Health Policy Consortium and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He additionally serves as the Founding Co-Chair of the Student Committee of the American Society of Acupuncturists. With his passion for advocacy and administration, Blake hopes to integrate these into the next step of his career: residency.

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Dr. Kaley Burns – NUHS

“There is magic in medicine that does not derive solely from technology or diagnostic aptitude; but rather from our interactions with patients.”

Laying the groundwork to become an ND

Like many naturopathic doctors, Dr. Kaley Burns discovered her passion through her own healing journey. After visiting multiple physicians and specialists with no success, Dr. Burns’ mother suggested she see a naturopathic doctor. Accustomed to conventional medicine, she was aware of naturopathic medicine misconceptions, but also believed that medicine could provide more. Naturopathic medicine gave her the healing results that she long desired. A then-physical therapy aide with dreams of becoming a physical therapist, Dr. Burns changed career paths and applied to naturopathic medical school, supported by the mentorship of her naturopathic doctor.

“Naturopathic training has helped me transform into a uniquely talented individual with experience, understanding, and strengths.”

NUHS as a springboard

With roots in Minnesota and an undergraduate degree from Wisconsin, Dr. Burns is a self-proclaimed “Midwest girl at heart.” She was attracted to National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) for its location in Illinois, and the collaborative programs. Throughout her schooling, she worked alongside chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other health professionals to expand her knowledge and open doors to integrative care.

Since NUHS is in a pre-licensed state, the limitations in the naturopathic medical scope of practice inspire ND students to develop additional skills for patient care. “I sought training in IV and regenerative injection therapy. Additionally, I contacted clinics and medical professionals for preceptor and observation opportunities to gain an understanding of how I wanted to structure my practice. Furthermore, I worked to advocate for myself, my colleagues and the profession as a whole, with intentions to advance our training and opportunities.”

Dr. Burns also participated in a medical brigade to bring the healing power of naturopathic medicine to an underserved population in Nicaragua. Furthermore, she describes her NUHS clinic rotation at the clinic where she is currently practicing as an integral part of her growth as a naturopathic doctor.

“I am fortunate once again to be part of a comprehensive team, who are all dedicated to bringing the utmost care to patients in the community.”

Finding fulfillment as an ND

Following graduation, Dr. Burns took some time off to reconnect with her loved ones before making the move to her first job at an integrative clinic in Connecticut. Since then, Dr. Burns has moved to Montana and practices full-time at a naturopathic primary care clinic.

“I am passionate about regenerative therapies, specifically injection therapies. As much as we know about the human body, mysteries remain. Moreover, the connections between mind and body become ever more prevalent in medicine. There is vulnerability when someone seeks help. Patients will share things about themselves; as doctors we must listen with open hearts and minds. There is magic in medicine that does not derive solely from technology or diagnostic aptitude; but rather from our interactions with patients.”

Dr. Burns enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as building connections in the community. She also values an active lifestyle and recently summited Mount Kilimanjaro.

Advice for aspiring NDs

Naturopathic medicine is rewarding career with many paths. “I encourage prospective students to embark on this journey because you believe whole-heartedly that there is a better way to help patients, a better method of healthcare. The infinite tools and meticulous training of naturopathic physicians allow us to truly treat each patient uniquely.” To learn more about career paths in naturopathic medicine, click here.

Learn more about Dr. Burns:


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Make the Dream a Reality! How to Become an ND

Looking for a career that’s not just a job, but a passion and a calling? Do you have questions about affording ND school, how to apply, how others have made it work? Then join Eve Adams – Director of Admissions at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine for a free and inspiring information session on how to make your dream of becoming a naturopathic doctor a reality.

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About the Presenter – Eve Adams

A long-time advocate of naturopathic medicine, Eve Adams is proud to be a member of the SCNM community. Prior to joining SCNM, she worked at Valley of the Sun United Way in development. Eve graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in communication and nonprofit management. She is actively involved with a number of community and non-profit organizations. In her spare time she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking and exploring the beautiful state of Arizona.

It’s so rewarding to help students fulfill their dreams of being the kind of doctor that will truly change a patient’s life!


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Dr. Andrea Maxim – CCNM

“I can sit across from a patient now and can see that they’re hiding the “real” reason they booked in, and give them a healing space to expose that, and start the healing process. “

Dr. Andrea Maxim - CCNM graduateDr. Andrea Maxim enjoys being able to help her patients know they aren’t alone and “to be one of the first people to witness their wounds for what they really are.” It is this ability to truly touch the lives of patients, bringing them out of their shells and addressing their problems that helps to make her practice a success.

For Dr. Maxim, success doesn’t stop at the office door. With her knowledge and skills, she can share all of this “with people on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Live, YouTube and touch a whole other demographic of people.” By sharing her skills through social media, she is helping to redefine naturopathic medicine.

Laying the groundwork to become an ND

As a way to prepare for her future as an ND, Dr. Maxim “went to every business class at CCNM in 3rd and 4th year.” It was this business grounding that helped add to her experience at CCNM and find success when she left naturopathic medical school. She went so far as to “learn as much as I could about managing the front desk and patient retention.”

In addition to her grounding in the business side of the field, Dr. Maxim also attended “as many courses and seminars/live trainings that I could in the first year.” By doing this, she was able to get information about what other practitioners were doing to be successful so that she could learn from their experiences.

CCNM as a springboard

Dr. Maxim chose CCNM for practical reasons—at the time “it was the only naturopathic college in Canada and the location was perfect for me.” Before she attended the school, she got to take part in the Discover CCNM Day and was sold on the college because of the energy she felt coming from the school and its people. While at CCNM, the faculty’s knowledge and expertise gave her the capability to “stand on my own as a new graduate.” She adds that even now, she reflects on what she learned from CCNM and it’s helpful with her treatment protocols. She especially credits the internship experience as having helped her to become a successful ND as well as the school’s ability to “make changes to improve our skills and efficiency.”

“Living the dream” after graduation

Since becoming an ND, Dr. Maxim has put in a great deal of work to build her practice. She also knew that she wanted more than anything to be her own boss, so she started her own practice. The best part about that is the flexibility “that it provides with changing my work schedule as needed.”
In addition, Dr. Maxim has been able to expand on her practice and innovate as needed because of the freedom of running her own practice. She utilizes her creativity to “create new promotions, new programs, offer flash sales and market myself in new ways.” This has helped her become a success in her field.

Finding fulfillment as an ND

As a starting ND, Dr. Maxim put in 16-hour days, six days a week. But all of that was to get her practice started and working properly. Now that she’s established, she gets to find personal and professional fulfillment from “learning, implementing, [and] growing outside of the office.” Her philosophy is that you cannot allow yourself to rest and get complacent if you want to remain successful in the business. But now that her business is settled, she works “four days in clinic and has more down time outside of the office.” She jokingly adds that there are some days she doesn’t even open her laptop to do any work.

Advice for aspiring NDs

Dr. Maxim’s top piece of advice for NDs is to learn how to be an entrepreneur as well as a practitioner. She says to be practical and realize that you will not be flooded with patients, but instead you have to have the drive to grow your practice and bring in clients. She adds that we are “in our pioneer phases” as a profession and that you will be faced with many patients and potential patients who have no concept of what naturopathic medicine is and what it entails. She believes that what you learn in school will help you to be a competent ND, but if you want to be successful, you “have to be ready to hit the pavement from the start.”

Learn more about Dr. Andrea Maxim:
Instagram: @AndreaMaximND

A Day in the Life of an ND: What’s the ND Experience All About?

AANMC - ND Experience 2018

Alumni panel pictured (L to R): Drs Carrie Louise Daenell, Lilian Au, Adrienne Stewart, Arianna Staruch and Safiya McCarter.

By Valerie A. Kremer, CNHP, 3rd year, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Want to find out what the journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor is all about? The ND Experience is the perfect place to get all of your questions answered!

The ND Experience is an interactive event for prospective students and their families to learn more about naturopathic medicine. Participants have the opportunity to speak with current ND students and admissions representatives from the accredited schools of naturopathic medicine to learn tips to thrive in naturopathic medical school. In addition, they hear from alumni panel of NDs  to discover all of the career opportunities available to graduates of naturopathic medicine.

“Thank you again for a wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring experience! I am so ready to continue on this path after spending time at Bastyr and attending the conference. Unforgettable!” -Brittany M.

Bastyr University, San Diego hosted the 2018 ND Experience. Harlan Patterson, President of Bastyr University, provided the introductory welcome to prospective students and their families. Dr. JoAnn Yanez, AANMC Executive Director, gave an overview of naturopathic medicine and Terrance Peterson, Bastyr Admissions Counselor, gave an overview of the admissions process and how to prepare yourself to be a strong ND candidate. Prospective students had the opportunity to ask questions about topics that mattered to them such as school stress, finances, academic workload, work/life balance, and career viability as a naturopathic doctor.

AANMC - ND Experience 2018

Dr. JoAnn Yanez discusses ND career opportunities in an overview of naturopathic medicine.

Bonus: Experience the AANP/NMSA Conference!

In addition to meeting students, school reps and current NDs at Bastyr, the ND Experience grants free access for prospective students to attend the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) and Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) annual conference. During this incredible opportunity, prospective students may learn about the latest research, hot topics, and clinical applications in naturopathic medicine. In addition, prospective students will also have access to the vendor hall to see the latest and greatest products in integrative medicine with a chance to win vendor prizes.

ND Experience participants also have the opportunity to watch the final round of the NMSA Cup, an intense trivia competition between all seven accredited naturopathic medical schools across North America. The final round of the NMSA Cup is between the last two schools vying for first place and title/bragging rights. The competition tests students on the basic/biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, naturopathic philosophy, and clinical therapeutic modalities.


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