Food as Medicine

Want to learn how to find health and healing in your kitchen? Join the AANMC and Drs. Elena Fenske and Aaron Wong for a free informative webinar to learn how your food choices can nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Good nutrition is core to overall health and fundamental to the naturopathic approach to wellness and disease management.

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About the Presenters – Dr. Elena Fenske

Elena Fenske, ND obtained her Bachelor of Science in cell biology and genetics from the University of British Colombia. Her upbringing in Iran fostered her love for food and traditional herbs as a type of medicine that is readily available in the kitchen. While she was pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, her own health challenges brought her to naturopathic medicine, which played a critical role in healing. Pursuing naturopathic medicine at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine rekindled her passion for using food and nutrition as a healing modality along with all of the other wonderful tools in her naturopathic toolbox. When Dr. Fenske is not seeing patients or educating students as a teaching assistant, she spends her free time tending to her patio herb garden where she grows various medicinal herbs as well as vegetables and fruits. She loves educating others on how they can incorporate healthy food habits to obtain a healthier lifestyle by sharing delicious, healing and simple recipes.

About the Presenters – Dr. Aaron Wong

Aaron Wong, ND is a big proponent of food as medicine and growing your own food. He has been doing public talks on the importance of food and its impact on health from a mind, body, spirit perspective for many years. He is an avid gardener and an enthusiast of local plant medicine. After completing his degree in chemical and biological engineering at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Wong suffered a debilitating back injury that completely changed the course of his life. Through years of recovery and trying numerous conventional and alternative treatments, Dr. Wong found healing within mind, body and spirit medicine. Dr. Wong is a graduate of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (BINM) and has additional training in acupuncture, IV therapy and chelation. He is also a Registered Therapeutic Counselor. Dr. Wong is the clinical director at Butterfly Naturopathic in North Vancouver and is an experienced Clinic Faculty Supervisor at BINM supervising third and fourth-year clinicians.

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2018 Year in Review

A Year of Academics, Scholarship and Community Outreach

Each and every year, the field of naturopathic medical education advances significantly. We are proud to recap the advances our seven accredited naturopathic medical schools made in academics, scholarship and community outreach during 2018. Looking ahead, there is a lot to be excited for as well!

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A Year of Celebration and Change

Bastyr University
San Diego, California & Seattle, Washington

Now in our 40th year, Bastyr is proud of our historical legacy and of the growth we have witnessed in the naturopathic profession. Our campus leaders and students continue to make great strides in our local communities. 

In Seattle, we have forged a new Center for Integrative Medicine in partnership with Virginia Mason. With nine clinics and one hospital location, this Seattle-area health system has sought out the natural medicine experts at Bastyr Center for Natural Health to expand their continuum of care in a way that answers their rising patient demand for effective, holistic approaches to common health concerns, opening up attractive career opportunities for our graduates. 

In San Diego, clinical training opportunities continues to expand for our naturopathic medical students through the addition of integrative oncology care at Bastyr University Clinic. Beyond our own campus community, San Diego County officials have designated Bastyr a Live Well San Diego partner; we now join over 300 organizations to support the vision of a region “Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving.” 

With innovative advancements in clinical training initiatives soon underway in 2019, we look forward to a bright future for our graduates as they find their place as naturopathic physicians transforming the health care system! 

To learn more about Bastyr, click here.

A Year of Promising New Initiatives

Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Boucher Institute would like to congratulate our students for their hard work and commitment to their studies and to the profession. Our students, once again, outperformed average NPLEX results by a healthy margin. An additional note of gratitude is extended to the hard-working faculty that are second to none in terms of preparing our students to become excellent, compassionate doctors. This year Boucher established collaborative relationships with other higher education institutions in the areas of research and recruitment. We are excited for the rich opportunities our students will gain as a result of these advances.

Our academic team will be expanding in order to support the school’s growth and new programs. Additionally, we have invested in developing new and exciting fundraising sources to benefit students and ensure that our tuition costs remain as steady as possible over the longer term.

New programs are being built to ensure continued graduate success and employment opportunities. The core of our program will continue to teach our students the benefits of practicing collaborative medicine. Boucher graduates are grounded in the roots of the naturopathic medicine and its supporting science, because it represents the soundest form of sustainable medicine. We look forward to what will be an exciting 2019.

To learn more about BINM, click here.

A Historic Anniversary Year

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CCNM celebrated its 40th anniversary and launched several new initiatives this year. We’ve made terrific strides with our curriculum review project, Curriculum Visioning 40 (CV40). Starting with a consultation document sent to over 2,000 stakeholders, we subsequently surveyed alumni to identify which conditions new graduates should treat, and the knowledge and skills they require. In August, a group of NDs, including faculty, met to distill and refine the 952 conditions identified. We’re quickly discovering how today’s students learn best. We don’t know how our curriculum will evolve, but we’re committed to making the next 40 years even stronger than the first. Applicants have responded to our vitality – September enrollment was over 25% higher than in 2017.

The CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre (CCNM ICC)  opened in May where NDs and other practitioners provide naturopathic and complementary treatments to cancer patients. We also opened three new community health-care clinics (CHC) in Toronto. Innovation has also come in the form of electronic health records (EHR), which ensures our patients can transfer their records between providers. With more advancements in our academic and clinical program on the horizon, 2019 promises to bring even more celebration.

To learn more about CCNM, click here.

A Year of Accolades and Outreach

National University of Health Sciences
Chicago, Illinois

2018 marked another successful year for National University’s outreach events and student organizations. In March, both health care professionals and the local community attended the first-of-its-kind Nutrition Conference featuring renowned medical experts. National University also welcomed local families on campus during the second-annual Healthy Kids event, which allows clinic interns to interact with a more diverse patient population. Throughout the year, Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) awarded the NMSA Chicago Chapter comprised of NUHS students multiple honors. The chapter nabbed the Golden Avocado Award, which is awarded to students that do the best job of recognizing Naturopathic Medicine Week through the creation of events and activities. National University’s students also won first place in the NMSA Trivia Cup, a competition between naturopathic colleges that tests student knowledge of naturopathic medicine.

In 2019, NUHS will expand opportunities for its naturopathic medicine (ND) interns. While internship opportunities currently exist for ND students in the NUHS Lombard Whole Health and (Chicago) Salvation Army clinics, the NUHS Aurora site will soon join the list. Just as at its sister locations, Aurora interns will work with their chiropractic medicine colleagues to serve the health care needs of the local community.

To learn more about NUHS, click here.

A Year of Scholarship and Advancement

National University of Natural Medicine
Portland, Oregon

In 2018, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) agreed to provide up to $250,000 in tuition scholarships from 2018 through 2020 for naturopathic medicine students. In exchange, once they graduate, students commit to providing healthcare services in rural and under-served communities for several years. This is yet another step forward in recognizing the naturopathic profession, and an incredible opportunity for eligible ND students to reduce their tuition debt through service by addressing healthcare disparity in Oregon.

With two clinics recognized as Tier 4 Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes―a top-level certification granted by OHA―our students are learning within exemplary models for how primary care should be organized and delivered. And with a high volume of Medicaid patients and uninsured patients, students are seeing greater complexity and higher levels of pathology while bringing naturopathic medicine to diverse patient populations.

In 2019, we look forward to continued curriculum innovation. This is the fourth (and final) year implementing our competency-based, clinically integrated systems-block design. Our courses are not siloed and meaningful application of knowledge is prioritized over memorization of facts. NUNM’s faculty challenge students to think critically, develop their individual strengths as healers, and to educate and motivate patients on how to live with less pain, burden and suffering.

To learn more about NUNM, click here.

A Banner Year and New Era Of Pain and Chronic Disease Treatment

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
Phoenix, Arizona

This fall, SCNM began accepting current students into three distinct honors tracks in Community Medicine, Pediatrics, and Regenerative Medicine. These focused areas of clinical education will be included in the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree program. They will allow students to identify areas of interest and better position themselves for competitive post-graduate opportunities and residencies. More honors tracks are scheduled to be announced in 2019.

Additionally, SCNM introduced the Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine on campus. For two generations the name Riordan has been synonymous with medical advances harnessing the body’s innate healing ability. The Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine will build on this legacy, turning the tide from symptom suppression to regeneration and healing. Replacing the Pain Relief Center, the Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine is in a 6,200-square foot space on the SCNM campus. Through patient care, research and medical education, the Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine will help usher in a new era in the treatment of pain and chronic disease and provide students with numerous educational opportunities in pain management. For more information on either opportunity, visit

To learn more about SCNM, click here.

A Year of New Leadership and Change

University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine
Bridgeport, Connecticut

2018 has been an exciting year at University of Bridgeport!  UB welcomed Dr. Laura Skandera Trombley as our new President, and the first female President!  President Trombley is an experienced administrator, and a renowned scholar and author. She began her administration with a major reorganization of the University, consolidating fourteen colleges, institutes, and programs into three new colleges: Arts and Sciences; Health Sciences; and Engineering, Business, and Education. The College of Health Sciences includes programs in several disciplines: naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, dental hygiene, nursing, physician’s assistant, health sciences, and medical lab technology.

UBSNM is proud to share that our accreditation review by the CNME in September led to re-accreditation for the next seven years, recognizing the quality of the program and the hard work of administrators, faculty, and staff.

In 2019, we are looking forward the 4th Annual Plunge, honoring World Wetlands Day with a dash into our very own waterfront – Long Island Sound. Our annual Philosophy Day is a celebration of the naturopathic principles and our elders. Guest speakers, garden sales and walks, and the Garlic Fest make this a well-loved event at UBSNM. UB faculty and students will present their research in an all-day event featuring poster presentations and keynote speakers. Last year several UBSNM students presented posters based on their thesis work and on the multi-center clinical trial led by Dr. Kim Sanders.

To learn more about UBSNM, click here.

Become the Doctor You'd Like to Have

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Dr. Robyn Prescott – BINM

“I get to share a piece of people’s lives and help guide them to better health on a daily basis. I enjoy creating a safe, connected, and inspiring atmosphere for my patients to heal.”

Laying the groundwork to become an ND

Dr. Robyn Prescott grew up with a naturopathic lifestyle. As a child, she looked forward to visiting her naturopathic doctor and appreciated the individualized care. Her passion to provide that same care and to help people discover the root cause of their health issues is what drove Dr. Prescott to switch paths from a degree in traditional English literature to naturopathic medicine.

“I truly believe I was born to be a naturopathic doctor. Every day I feel honored to be a part of people’s health journey.” Naturopathic medicine is more than a career, it is a lifestyle that continually encourages you to better yourself personally and professionally.

BINM as a springboard

Dr. Prescott earned her doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (BINM) in New Westminster, British Columbia.  She was attracted to BINM for its outstanding physical medicine program and the Vancouver community. Dr. Prescott credits BINM for providing her with a well-rounded education that set her up for success as a naturopathic doctor. In addition, Dr. Prescott holds certifications in intravenous and advanced injection therapies.

“Living the dream” after graduation

Dr. Prescott operates a successful practice in North Vancouver where she sees 50-60 patients per week. The practice focuses on pain management and hormone health. Her passions include the body’s basic mechanics: physiology, hormones, muscles, nerves, and brain. She practices several hands-on assessments, diagnostic laboratory testing and physical medicine.

Finding fulfillment as an ND

“I get to share a piece of people’s lives and help guide them to better health on a daily basis. I enjoy creating a safe, connected, and inspiring atmosphere for my patients to heal. “

Dr. Prescott’s passion for nature extends into her personal life as well. When she isn’t at her office, you can find her mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, horseback riding or dancing in beautiful North Vancouver.

Advice for aspiring NDs

Dr. Prescott encourages prospective students to pursue their goals with confidence. Success and failure are choices. “Make sure you do not accept failure. You do have a choice to be successful. Always stay true to your core beliefs – patients can sense if you stray from what you believe in.”

Work-life balance is also something you should consider. How do you want your life and career to balance? Do you want room for spontaneity in your personal life or do you want more structure? The beauty of owning your own naturopathic medical practice is that you may choose!

Learn more about Dr. Prescott:


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Sports Medicine as a Naturopathic Niche

Join the AANMC and Michael Bastien, BSc, ND for ​an info session focused on natural approaches to sports medicine and sports-related injuries.

*Due to a recording error there is a beeping noise from 15:58 – 18:29. Please skip over that section of the webinar. 

Sports Medicine as a Naturopathic Niche

Dr. Bastien covers:

Learn More About Becoming a Naturopathic Doctor

Receive information from the accredited schools of your choice located across North America!

Dr. Alexandra Power – BINM

“There are many aspects of the profession that I love, but I think the amount of educating I get to do as a Naturopathic Doctor sticks out to me the most.”

There was an unusual impetus that inspired Dr. Alexandra Power to start down her path to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor—a Robin Williams movie. “I first thought about becoming a doctor after watching the movie ‘Patch Adams’ as a child, and the desire just grew from there.” That film, about a doctor who uses the healing power of humor to help his patients was enough to encourage that young girl into becoming the accomplished ND that she is today.

What finally sealed the deal to put her on this path was a chance encounter with an ND to deal with a few chronic health issues of her own. Once she saw how much personal interaction she could have with patients, Dr. Power realized that going into naturopathic medicine was the best choice for her.

Laying the groundwork to become an ND

As a high school student, Dr. Power was under the impression that she wanted to become a pediatrician, so she volunteered in a pediatric hospital unit. As happens for many in this type of setting, she found that the reality of the job did not match her perceptions, and she was left somewhat disillusioned with the profession: “Something wasn’t right for me…I wanted to spend lots of time with my patients, and I wanted to look at their health from a more holistic and preventative viewpoint.” This, coupled with the grueling shift work medical doctors endure turned her away from the profession.

But a visit to a naturopathic doctor for her own health issues reignited her passion to become a doctor. She says that after the initial consult, she was hooked and knew becoming an ND was the path for her. “I loved that I would get to spend an hour with my patients on their first visit, and delve into everything that may be contributing to the symptoms they are experiencing.” From there, she tailored her University courses towards this goal.

Boucher as a springboard

When she began her naturopathic medicine studies, Dr. Power decided on Boucher for two main reasons: location and size. Boucher was close to her home and she knew the challenging curriculum would go much easier if she stayed near her support system of family and friends. But the other thing that sold her on Boucher was the “small class sizes and community feel.” She adds that she loved getting to know her professors and having the opportunity for one-on-one time which made Boucher a better fit than a larger school.

In addition to this, she attributes part of her success at Boucher with her networking abilities. “Every time a professor or guest lecturer put out an offer to meet up with students to talk about the profession…I took them up on it.” She also got out to conferences, asked plenty of questions, and helped form relationships within the profession. This attitude helped earn her multiple job offers even before she graduated.

“Living the dream” after graduation

Dr. Power had a significant support system in the ND program with her—her future husband Dr. Rory Gibbons. “When we were done [with] board and licensing exams, we got married and honeymooned in Europe for a post-graduation celebration!” This was the perfect way to rest, relax and recharge after finishing such a demanding educational program. Once she returned home, she began working at the clinic where she is currently employed.

Finding fulfillment as an ND

Today, Dr. Power works in North Vancouver at Restoration Health Clinic. “The mentor that I hunted down during school owns the clinic and focuses her practice on women and children—which is exactly what I want my practice to look like.” She currently works three days a week at the clinic and then uses the rest of her time to “set up meetings in the area to get my name out there, do patient research, catch up on emails, prepare presentations, schedule social media posts, and more!” It is the flexibility of the profession that has allowed her to do all of this and still find time to spend with her husband and friends exploring local trails and cycling.

Advice for aspiring NDs

For those who are considering the profession, Dr. Power suggests that you do your homework. Specifically, she suggests that you “reach out to naturopathic doctors in your area and see if they would be willing to meet up and answer questions.” In addition, she also suggests that aspiring NDs talk to clinics in their area and find out about volunteer opportunities, so that you can “get a good taste of what the field is like.” You can also visit the ND schools you are considering and spend time observing classes. Anything that you can do to find out about the profession will help you to be successful in the future.

Learn more about Dr. Alexandra Power:
Instagram: @dralexandrapower
Facebook: Dr. Alexandra Power, ND