Dr. Crystal Foresman Landers, OT, ND, CNS – NUHS Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Crystal Foresman-Landers, OT, ND, CNS is the first and only dual licensed occupational therapist and naturopathic doctor in the United States. Dr. Foresman-Landers is also a board certified nutrition specialist. She provides naturopathic, functional medicine, functional integrative nutrition and integrative occupational therapy services in Wheaton, Illinois.  

Prior to becoming a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Foresman-Landers was a pediatric occupational therapist.  She made the transition into naturopathic medicine because it combined her career goals and passion.  “I was looking to expand my career, and became more interested in addressing the cause of people’s health concerns, rather than just providing supportive care for symptoms.”  Dr. Foresman-Landers really embraces the concept of ‘docere’, or doctor as teacher.  In her opinion, teaching patients how to be and stay well is really where the profession of naturopathic medicine shines.  She enjoys educating people to address their health concerns from a whole person perspective and sees this as an opportunity for personal empowerment. 

During naturopathic medical school Dr. Foresman-Landers gained knowledge in the core philosophy of naturopathic medicine and its sciences. She attributes her comfort to speak with other medical peers and support the health of the people she works with to her ND education. In addition, she is thankful for the team of professional colleagues that she is grateful to call friends. ”I can reach out to them if I have clinical questions.” 

When asked how she planned for success in naturopathy, she responded, “By applying the tenets of naturopathic philosophy in my own life.” Further, “At NUHS there is a motto  ‘Esse Quam Videri’ meaning – To be, rather than to seem to be; that motto stuck with me from the beginning.” This is also the advice she gives to future ND students. “My advice prior to ND school would be to see a naturopathic doctor and set up your own optimal health plan, including a sound nutrition plan and re-establishing health if there are underlying health concerns.  You will have good reserves going into the program and a solid understanding of what you are being taught if you have gone through your own health journey.”

Dr. Foresman-Landers walked across the ND graduation stage 7 months pregnant with her 3rd child. She wanted her career to start gradually in order to balance family and work. “Professionally, I started a small, local business, Living Tree Natural Health, and completed my CNS.”  Regarding patient care, “I really enjoy supporting digestive health and complex/chronic health concerns. Naturopathic Medicine can help solve the complexities of chronic health cases by looking at a case from a big-picture perspective and applying the tenets of naturopathic medicine in an individualized way.”

Raising her 3 children is a big part of Dr. Foresman-Landers life and she loves the flexibility her profession provides her. “I am grateful that I can balance my professional life with family life. I am still running my business and providing direct care part time and caring for my children, including homeschooling.” Being her own boss has empowered her to balance her life.   

When asked if there was anything else she would like to share in her success story she stated, “Follow your own path. Success looks different to everyone!”


Dr. Foresman-Landers Contact Information:


IG:  @DrCrystal_OT_ND

FB: https://www.facebook.com/CrystalForesmanLandersLivingTreeNaturalHealth/


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