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Naturopathic Schools in Chicago, Illinois

NUHS Chicago Campus

If you’re looking for a school in Chicago where you can train to become a naturopathic doctor, you want to ensure you’re receiving the best training possible. Established in 2001, The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) actively supports the academic efforts, curriculum, and learning methodology of accredited and recognized schools specializing in naturopathic medicine. 

An education in naturopathic medical practice is an important and valued choice for any health professional career that fosters a continued learning environment, and looks to push the boundaries of medical knowledge. 

AANMC is proud to call the National University of Health Sciences, Chicago, Illinois a member.

National University of Health Sciences, Chicago, Illinois

Offering the only naturopathic medicine degree program in the Midwest, National University of Health Sciences’ Chicago campus is situated on 35 acres located in a quiet suburb, only minutes from the thriving culture and city life of Chicago. 

Steeped in a long history of providing exceptional educational standards in health career education, NUHS has been in operation since 1906. The academic program is known for being built on a solid foundation in the basic sciences. Students entering the naturopathic medicine program are also required to have earned a baccalaureate degree. This results in a higher academic caliber, with students scoring well above national averages on required board and licensure tests. 

NUHS offers a doctor of naturopathic medicine program (ND), preparing students to practice as a licensed naturopathic physician. While the curriculum is rigorous, the ND program provides a perfect blend of thorough scientific foundation with comprehensive training in traditional naturopathic treatments.

The Benefits of Becoming a Naturopathic Student

A naturopathic medical education provides a solid foundation for a number of different rewarding career paths. These professional settings may include private practices, multidisciplinary clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, community health centers, insurance companies, supplement companies, laboratories, and more.

Career prospects for naturopathic doctors continue to grow each year as more people look for natural treatments that will either supplement or replace conventional medicine.

Supplement use in the United States is up 29%, with an estimated 76% of Americans now taking at least one supplement per day, according to a new Harris Poll commissioned by the Samueli Foundation.The survey of 2,053 adults over age 18 found that 41% of Americans are taking supplements to help improve sleep, while 57% do so to improve their overall health and immunity.

This increasing interest in natural wellness practices means there will be constantly more demand for naturopathic doctors across the country.

Another advantage of a naturopathic career is that upon graduating from an accredited institution, and passing the national board exams, students can begin practicing immediately.

Dr Rachel Marynowski

What the Alumni Are Saying

“Naturopathic medical school was intense! Lots of late nights, way too much coffee, cramming for exams and pushing my adrenals to the max. At the end of my schooling, I was well-equipped with a wonderful foundation to launch my career. I had great professors, great clinical experiences and met some of the most wonderful people. I also learned the art of self-care, and how to truly talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to implementing whole health in my own life – body, mind, and spirit.

After graduating from NUHS, I moved back to Atlanta — where I was born and raised. I joined the clinical education team at a functional medicine laboratory while I began to build my practice on the side. It was here that I continued my love for medical writing, learned more about functional medicine and biochemistry, and where I began to connect with a variety of practitioners from around the world.” – Dr. Rachel Marynowski

Career Resources

If you’re still thinking about attending a naturopathic school in Chicago, Illinois, and are looking to learn more about your intended career path, be sure to check out our career resources page for more information.