Joseph Marcello, ND

Graduate, University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine

“To prepare for the week, I would do schoolwork over the weekend, meal prep and laundry. Typically, my days would start at 6:00am with some form of self-care, start classes at 8:00am and get home anywhere between 5:00-7:00pm.  I would eat dinner and study until about 10:00pm, making sure I was getting adequate sleep. When I was home on the weekend, I dedicated Saturday morning to schoolwork. This allowed me to spend Friday and Saturday night with my wife. When my daughter was born, I prioritized schoolwork during the week so I could spend the majority of the weekend with my family. Thankfully, by this time, I found my footing and learned how to study efficiently. Being organized helped create this balance. I tried using planners, lists, electronic calendars, and paper calendars – finding what works for you makes all the difference.”