Benefits of Becoming a Residency Site

Benefits of Becoming a Residency Site

Being a residency site and mentor has personal, clinical, educational, business and professional appeal.

Benefits to Your Clinic

Being a residency training site and residency mentor is smart, rewarding and good medicine.


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Support advancement and growth of the naturopathic profession

1. Support state licensing and scope expansion.

2. Residency can provide a leadership pipeline for academic and clinical expertise.

3. Contributing to mentorship and growth of the profession.

Contribute to a graduate’s clinical & professional experience

1. Be a part of a young doctor’s future!

2. Drive research literacy for the next generation.

3. Training residents helps directors pass on the legacy of their clinical expertise.

A naturopathic doctor with a patient

Is a resident right for my practice?

The naturopathic residency runs for one to three years. Your commitment to having an ND resident with you for that time-frame includes providing some basics, such as:

  • Opportunities for meaningful patient visits for the resident to hone their clinical skills
  • A positive learning environment
  • Malpractice coverage

Residency funding assistance may be available to your site through INM and NERC. Your Residency Site Director can share more information. 

Who coordinates naturopathic residencies?

The Council on Naturopathic Medical Examination (CNME) recognizes accredited naturopathic medical colleges to oversee residency sites. The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) convenes the AANMC Residency Committee, which is comprised of the Residency Directors from the accredited member programs which participate in residency supervision.

The AANMC Residency Committee is committed to continual improvement of post-graduate medical education through expansion of residency opportunities, and ensuring the overall quality of postgraduate medical education.

Residency application and match


AANMC offers a centralized application for students to view and apply to all participating residency sites. This centralized service allows for greater visibility of site information to all ND students.


The AANMC Residency Match is an opportunity to take some of the legwork out of hiring and have the best qualified candidates apply for your position.


Each accredited residency site must meet the requisite criteria, which can be found in the Handbook on CNME Postdoctoral Naturopathic Medical Education – Sponsor Recognition Process and Standards.

Ready to Join us as a Residency Site?

After you’ve reviewed the CNME requirements linked above, complete the information below and we will reach out to share more about the residency cycle timeline and next steps.

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