Best Naturopathic Medicine Schools in North America


Naturopathic Medicine Schools in North America

Why Go to School for Naturopathic Medicine?

Holistic Approach


Work-Life Balance

Job Satisfaction

Are you thinking about a medical career? Naturopathic medical education is shorter than other pathways, focuses on a holistic, patient-centered approach and offers better work-life balance and job satisfaction than other educational options.  If you are exploring a career in the health professions, becoming a naturopathic doctor (ND) may be the best path for you. Becoming a Naturopathic Doctor teaches you clinical and research skills, offers flexibility, and allows you to help people on a daily basis.

If becoming an ND is appealing to you, the next step is deciding on the best naturopathic medical school for you and what it would take to apply. It is essential to choose from the accredited naturopathic schools that are members of the AANMC in order to be eligible for state/provincial recognized licensing examinations and to legally practice as a naturopathic doctor.

All AANMC schools adapted to provide safer learning during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering technology-enhanced education including simulation and apps, online lectures, and telemedicine as well as conventional in-person patient visits. Students are returning to campus as local and national guidelines allow.

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Cost of Naturopathic School

The cost of a naturopathic medical education will differ depending on the institution that you choose. For detailed information on tuition costs and programs, visit each individual institution’s website.

Are There Any Natural Medicine Schools Near Me?

There are AANMC member naturopathic medical degree granting programs located in seven different locations across the United States and Canada. This means that many students do not have to move far (or at all) and uproot their lives in order to begin their studies. Additionally, programs are offering online and hybrid courses as part of the rigorous medical curriculum. The following accredited natural health schools are all members of the AANMC: