Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine Over Other Healthcare Professions?

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If you are considering a career in the healthcare field and are debating in what capacity to do so, here are some common reasons why many people choose to follow the path to becoming a naturopathic doctor.

Career Satisfaction

There is a high level of career satisfaction among graduates of AANMC programs. According to the 2016 Graduate Success and Compensation Study conducted by AANMC, 74% of naturopathic medical college graduates are happy that they chose to complete an ND program and pursue the career that they did. In a 2023 AANMC survey, 92% of ND graduates who completed an accredited residency shared that they felt more confident in their practice as well.

Work/Life Balance

Having a good work/life balance contributes to better physical and mental health. 1 While any healthcare profession takes a great deal of hard work and dedication, NDs generally have flexibility and a sense of balance when it comes to their work life. They report a high level of satisfaction with their careers and the ability to maintain a healthy balance with their personal lives.

Accessible Education

When it comes to in-depth healthcare education, a degree in naturopathic medicine is an accessible option for a program that gives you clinical training, lab experience, course work, practical experience, and proper accreditation. Every individual program has different costs. For detailed information on ND program fees, see each individual institution’s website.

Faster Process to Become Licensed

When you decide to embark upon a journey towards becoming a healthcare professional, the destination is considerably closer when you pursue a career as an ND as opposed to an MD. Becoming an MD requires 10-14 years of post-secondary education (education after high school), while becoming an ND may take half the time, meaning you can be fully employed and working as a doctor sooner.

If you are interested in pursuing a career that is fulfilling, flexible, challenging, and rewarding, becoming a naturopathic doctor may be exactly what you are looking for. For more information, see our schools or request more detailed information below.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in Oct 2020 and has been updated in September 2023 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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