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Dr. Rachel Marynowski is a naturopathic physician licensed in in the state of Vermont and the secretary of the Georgia Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She shares her path to naturopathic medicine and experience practicing in an unlicensed state.

Laying the groundwork to become an ND

After receiving an undergraduate degree in public health from the University of Georgia, Dr. Marynowski began her career at a large hospital in Atlanta. Her experience in corporate health inspired her to learn more about the integrative and preventative care model, where patients take an active role in their health.

“As the saying goes, you don’t necessarily seek out naturopathic medicine, but rather… it finds you. I don’t know how else to explain it, other than I was completely smitten and fully intrigued by naturopathy from the get-go. It’s a field of such potential and such support for health maintenance and optimization, for all people.”

NUHS as a springboard

“Naturopathic medical school was intense! Lots of late nights, way too much coffee, cramming for exams and pushing my adrenals to the max. At the end of my schooling, I was well-equipped with a wonderful foundation to launch my career. I had great professors, great clinical experiences and met some of the most wonderful people. I also learned the art of self-care, and how to truly talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to implementing whole health in my own life – body, mind and spirit.

After graduating from NUHS, I moved back to Atlanta — where I was born and raised. I joined the clinical education team at a functional medicine laboratory while I began to build my practice on the side. It was here that I continued my love for medical writing, learned more about functional medicine and biochemistry, and where I began to connect with a variety of practitioners from around the world. This experience confirmed my desire to immerse myself in a clinic with a variety of colleagues and medical providers. As my practice became busier, I phased out my role with the lab and jumped into full-time practice. I bounced around, renting space at a few different clinics before helping to co-found an integrative clinic in Atlanta. It is the clinical home I had always dreamed of, and the only integrative clinic with an accredited birthing center in the world! It’s so cool!

In the decade since beginning my practice, I’ve had numerous students contact me with fear of practicing in an unlicensed state. I believe with hard work and dedication, these states are blank canvases ready for the naturopathic tool box.”

Finding fulfillment as an ND

“My interests are geared towards women and children’s health, gastrointestinal dysfunction and disease, environmental medicine, endocrinology/hormonal dysfunction, and clinical nutrition. In particular, in working with so many women of child-bearing age, this group now holds a special place in my heart. And within this group, I have found that the mental/emotional aspect of health, of womanhood, of motherhood and everything in between is an aspect that deserves compassion, awareness and support. Two of my colleagues, and fellow co-founders of our integrative clinic (a psychologist and a certified nurse midwife), have been the most amazing teammates to partner with, and have really helped me to realize my devotion to this patient population. Regardless of the health condition at play, if we address all areas of health – body, mind and spirit, in a collaborative way, wherein a person feels as though they have a team of health care providers in their corner, all communicating on their behalf, a return to health happens so much more quickly. I am so honored to be a part of my health care village, because it takes a village, doesn’t it?!

Dr. Marynowski balances her time between being a mom and as a practicing naturopathic physician. “My family of six recently built a home on 40 acres, where we have chickens, open space and fresh air. I am the head of primary care at our integrative clinic, called VitalAtlanta, that includes the amazing Atlanta Birth Center. I offer tele-health sessions and will be opening a second practice location this fall. I also launched Kale Blossom, a health information resource website geared towards women—with my dear friend who I met at NUHS. We are active on social media and constantly update our blog with the newest, most relevant health content.”

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