NUHS Offers Convenience for Students Seeking Multiple Degrees

NUHS Offers Convenience for Students Seeking Multiple Degrees

A growing number of students are enrolling in multiple degree programs at National University of Health Sciences. The number of students enrolled in multiple degrees has more than doubled over the last five years. In addition to its naturopathic medicine degree, NUHS offers degrees in chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture and oriental medicine, making dual degrees more convenient. Students invest in multiple degrees in order to expand their career options, increase their earning potential, or tailor their education to specific goals. For example, Dr. Denise Shostek first completed her doctor of chiropractic degree from NUHS, and is currently finishing the naturopathic medicine program as well. “My goal as a physician is to practice internal medicine from a natural perspective. I am completing the ND degree for more tools to handle my patients’ internal medicine issues.”

Students can save months or years, as well as several thousand dollars by taking two programs while at NUHS, versus taking the programs separately or at two different institutions. This is because coursework in their first degree gives them advanced standing in a second degree. This is true for most basic science courses, which is why completing a second professional degree usually only adds four trimesters to a student’s time at NUHS.

In addition, NUHS offers a unique partnership with University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, whose DC students can complete an ND degree at NUHS with special advanced standing. Some ND students at NUHS choose to start a master’s degree in acupuncture or oriental medicine during their clinical internship. AOM courses are offered in the evening, while ND internships are offered during the day, so the two programs work together nicely. Dr. Katie Borchert earned both her ND and master’s degree in oriental medicine while at NUHS. She now works in suburban Chicago at an interdisciplinary chiropractic clinic and a therapeutic massage center that offers clinical services. Like several other ND students, Katie chose a second degree to give her a licensed occupation with a similar scope of practice in a state not currently licensing NDs “I’m happy I chose a dual degree in oriental medicine!”

The option of earning dual degrees is yet another reason for students with strong academic skills to choose NUHS. The university is one of only two in the nation to offer degrees in naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, oriental medicine, acupuncture and massage therapy on one campus.


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