Sonoran University’s Join the #NDMovement Campaign & ND’s Without Borders

The Sonoran University of Health Sciences (Sonoran University) proudly launched a recent campaign inviting viewers to Join the #NDmovement! Sonoran University’s campaign featured a brand new video showcasing its passionate alumni and students and how they express themselves through naturopathic medicine. The video received more than 500 likes, 650 shares and nearly 20,000 views on Facebook alone, helping inspire people across the globe to improve their health, their well-being, and their lives through naturopathic medicine.

Join ND Movement

Naturopaths Without Borders

Then, over Memorial Day weekend, Sonoran University students involved in the student club Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB) took their monthly trip to Rocky Point, Mexico, to volunteer at a community clinic and serve the area’s underprivileged population. Each NWB trip allows students to practice their clinical skills while also giving back to the community in a meaningful way.

NWB resize

“You get to see more complex cases and learn how to treat your patients with very limited resources,” said Emy Cummins, Sonoran University student and former NWB club president. “You also feel refreshed and motivated after each trip because the experience is so rewarding.”

Sweet Child O’ Mine

NWB also teamed up with the Natural Speakers student club to host a yearly talent show packed with entertaining acts from both students and faculty. Winners included a student singing “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” Sonoran University’s own Dr. Inouye and his ever-popular dance team, and a trio comprised of acoustic guitar plus beatboxing!

Sonoran University talent show

2016 Graduating Class

While Sonoran University students certainly know how to let loose and have fun, they’ve also been hitting the books to prep for the Primary Status exam, finals, finishing clinical clerkships and graduation in late June. More than 1,250 physicians have graduated from Sonoran University’s rigorous ND program over the past 20 years, and this summer, nearly 90 more students will receive their hard-earned diplomas. Sonoran University is so proud of its 2016 graduating class! Many of these grads already have jobs lined up with existing clinical practices, and some have been accepted into residencies at various locations across the country.

Trips to North Carolina and Colorado

Meanwhile, the students remaining at Sonoran University will experience their fair share of adventure later this summer, as they take selective courses in various natural modalities and therapies. Students interested in botanical medicine will join the yearly trip to the Gaia Herbs facility in North Carolina, where they will see medicinal plants growing in the wild and learn how the plants end up as natural supplement products in the Sonoran University Medicinary and in health food stores throughout the country. Sonoran University also offers a wildcrafting trip to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, which presents an incredible opportunity for students to see potent medicines growing in the wild.


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