AANMC Match Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the ND Residency Match implemented?

In past years a single applicant may have received residency offers from multiple sites, while other highly qualified applicants remained on a waitlist or accepted other offers less desirable to them. The trickledown effect of this situation lead to fewer students being offered residencies, fewer sites receiving residents, and increased stress and dissatisfaction for all parties. The match was designed to ensure increased opportunity and satisfaction for all involved.

What is the Resident Match Ranking Form (RMRF)?

The Resident Match List (RMRF) identifies your ranking for residency placement once you have submitted the site name(s) and relevant information to the AANMC through an on-line submission process. An applicant may submit as many sites to which she/he is willing to be matched.

If I would like to change my site rankings after initially submitting my RMRF, can I resubmit a new RMRF?

For the 2019 Match, you are allowed to submit your RMRF onceGiven this, it is recommended that you prepare your rankings well in advance before starting the submission process in the AANMC website. Remember to submit the name of the site that you have ranked as your top choice first, then followed by your second choice, and so on.

When can I begin to submit my RMRF?

While you can submit your RMRF between April 15 and April 26, 2019 at 5:00pm PST. It is recommended that you wait until after all the sites to which you have applied have completed the interview process. This way, you are sure that you will not be called in for an interview by a site after you have submitted your RMRF. Once you have submitted your ranking of sites it is considered as final.

When is the submission deadline for my RMRF?

You must submit your RMRF by 5:00 pm PST on April 26, 2019. It is your responsibility to ensure that you follow steps described above in the Universal Application for CNME-Approved Naturopathic Residencies packet.

How do I submit my RMRF for the match?

You can submit your RMRF here on the AANMC website. Links will be available once match registration is live.

Should I submit my top choice site first during the on-line submission of my RMRF?

Please be advised that the on-line portal will populate your RMRF based on the order you submit. Therefore is it recommended that you submit the name of the site that you have ranked as your top choice first, then followed by your second choice, and so on. Refer to the matching process is described in the Matching Process Schematic in the Universal Application for CNME-Approved Naturopathic Residencies packet to get a better understanding on how the match will proceed.

If there is one site that I strongly prefer, do I have a better chance of getting it if I rank it lower on my RML?

No, this will not increase your chances of being matched with your preferred site. Please refer to the Guidelines for the Matching Process in the Universal Application for CNME-Approved Naturopathic Residencies packet.

*Only submit the names of the site(s) to which you are willing to be matched

What are chances that I am matched with a site that I do not want to go to?

Do not submit the name of a site to which you do not want to be matched. This will ensure that you will not be matched to a site in which you are not interested. If you decline to accept your matched site after the process has been completed, you will forfeit the ability to participate in the ND Residency Match for two complete cycles.

When do I receive my Match Identification Number (MIN)?

Once you submit your RMRF, your confidential Match Identification Number (MIN) is emailed along with your payment confirmation. SAVE YOUR MIN! You will need this to identify the site you’ve been matched to.

When do I find out if I was matched with a residency site?

Match results will be posted using the Match Identification Number on the AANMC Match page by 6:00 pm PST on May 3, 2019.

Will everyone be able to see where each applicant matched on the AANMC site?

Only the applicant’s unique MIN will be listed across each residency site. No other identification or applicant information will be published on the AANMC website. Unless you divulge your MIN, no other applicant or anyone visiting the website will know who is matched where.

How are applicants and sites matched?

The matching process is described in the Document Library of the AANMC Residency website Resource section.

Who will be conducting the match process on Match Day?

The AANMC Residency Match Committee will conduct the match process. This committee is comprised of the residency administrator of each participating CNME-recognized residency sponsor schools and one representative of the AANMC. The AANMC representative will serve as Chair of the committee and be recognized as official AANMC Match Administrator. By rule, the AANMC representative is not a residency director nor do they have affiliation with any residency site.

Can a site promise me an offer before matching, or visa-versa?

While the applicant and site may express a high degree of interest in each other to try to influence future ranking decisions in their favor, neither must make statements implying or declaring a commitment. It is a breach of the Matching Program Guidelines for a participant to make any verbal or written contract for appointment prior to the official match announcement.

Can I withdraw from the match process?

You may withdraw from the match process by submitting a request in writing to the residency program administrator of the CNME Recognized Sponsor School to which you have applied. If a candidate withdraws prior to the match, the candidate will be excluded from being offered a residency position from the participating sites during the current match cycle. If a candidate withdraws after being matched, the candidate shall forfeit his/her matched position and will not be allowed to participate in future match cycles for an additional two years.

What happens if I decline the residency offer of the site I’ve been matched to?

If a candidate withdraws after being matched, the candidate shall forfeit his/her matched position and will not be allowed to participate in future match cycles for an additional two years.

Why are the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) residencies not included in the Match Process?

Due to challenges associated with hiring US citizens for naturopathic medical residencies in Canada, as well as having a different application timeline, CCNM has opted not to participate in the Residency Match process this year. CCNM is supportive of all the work that the AANMC does in ensuring a fair process in the Match and is exploring ways to participate in future cycles.

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