Brain Food: The Naturopathic Kitchen

The number of people living with cognitive impairment in the US is equal to twice the population of New York City! The choices we make in the foods we consume each day can have a big impact on both the structure and health of our brains. Learn what you should eat to help preserve and protect brain function!

Swiss Chard: The Naturopathic Kitchen

Swiss chard is nutrient dense, and chock full of vitamins and minerals, as well as an array of important phytonutrients. Learn what Swiss chard can offer your health! Plus, test it out with two tasty recipes.

Avocado 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

Also known as the “alligator pear,” avocados are nutrient powerhouses. Learn what avocados can offer you health and get recipes for an avocado-based chocolate mousse and chipotle coleslaw with creamy avocado dressing!

Coffee 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day! Coffee beans are extraordinarily complex fruits which contain over 1,000 different compounds which offer a wealth of health benefits. Find out how you may benefit from a cup of Joe!

Ashwagandha 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

Ashwagandha may be a newcomer to the Western world, but this herb has a long and distinguished history of use in Ayurveda (the traditional system of medicine used in India) for a wide range of health benefits. Find out how ashwagandha may benefit your health! Plus, try out recipes for ashwagandha gingerbread cookies and comforting cashew tonic!

Stinging Nettle 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

From the leaves to the seeds, stinging nettle has long been recognized for its medicinal qualities. Nettle is often used in the spring months as a gentle detoxifying agent. Find out how else nettle may benefit your health!

Sweetener Comparison: The Naturopathic Kitchen

The food market is home to a number of different sweetener options, each with different properties, strengths, and weaknesses. Check out this article to make informed decisions on which sweetener is best for your overall health and baking purposes.

Chocolate 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

Chocolate intake is associated with decreased risks of coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes in addition to a variety of other health benefits. Learn how chocolate can benefit your health, and not just your sweet tooth! Plus, get recipes for charred cauliflower and peppers with picada sauce and double chocolate avocado cookies.

Yogurt 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

Yogurt consumption is linked to healthy dietary patterns, lifestyles, and reduced risk of cardio-metabolic disease, particularly type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Learn how else you may benefit from adding yogurt to your diet. Plus, try recipes for greek yogurt curry chicken salad and greek yogurt creamed spinach.

Soy 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

Organic soybeans are an excellent source of cheap protein and come packed with health benefits! Research has shown that soy may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such a coronary heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer and more!

Milk 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

Cow’s dairy is a food sensitivity for many people. As a result, a considerable number of non-dairy milk alternatives have emerged on the market. People may substitute from a range of plant-based options as well as milk from other animals such as goats. Find out the pros and cons of these alternatives!

Fennel 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen

In ancient times fennel was known as “marathon” because it grew in the field where the Battle of Marathon took place. Well known for its role in digestive health, research into the health benefits of fennel have covered an extensive array of symptoms and conditions. Read more about what fennel is good for and get recipes for fennel pesto and fennel slaw with mint vinaigrette.