Choosing a School of Natural Medicine


Choosing a School of Natural Medicine

Considering a Natural Medicine Degree?

If you are planning to attend ND medical school, it is important to choose an accredited institution that will provide the best education, practical experience, and prepare you to take the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX) or College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO). These examinations are required for regulated practice.

Each AANMC member institution provides the core coursework required for any accredited college of natural medicine, in addition to practical applications of material learned in the coursework. Every AANMC program provides excellence in clinical education to ensure that students benefit from extensive applicable experience in the field.

Are There Any Natural Medicine Schools Near Me?

There are AANMC member naturopathic medical degree granting programs located in seven different locations across the United States and Canada. This means that many students do not have to move far (or at all) and uproot their lives in order to begin their studies. Additionally, programs are offering online and hybrid courses as part of the rigorous medical curriculum. 

The Following Accredited Natural Health Schools are All Members of the AANMC:

If you are interested in natural healing and medicine, and a career that empowers you to positively impact peoples’ lives, becoming a naturopathic doctor is a rewarding path with a high level of job satisfaction.