judy-fulop-medDr. Fulop received her BA in cultural anthropology at Wheaton College in Ill. She went on to complete her MS in mental health and psychology at Avila College in Kansas City, Mo. Dr. Fulop completed her naturopathic training at National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Ore. Dr Fulop is currently in fifth year of practice as the Functional Nutrition and Naturopathic Practitioner at the Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Northwestern University in Chicago, Ill. She provides consultation in nutrition and naturopathic care for patients with all types of chronic diseases including autoimmune, cancer, gastrointestinal, women’s health, etc. In addition Dr. Fulop provides consultant services in nutrition, integrative care, drug-herb-supplement interactions, homeopathy, botanicals and hydrotherapy. She is licensed in Oregon as a naturopathic physician to provide primary care including minor surgery. Dr. Fulop is currently the vice president of the Illinois Naturopathic Medical Association and chairperson of the Legislative and Legal committee working on ND licensure in Illinois. She introduced House Bill #1591 and Senate Bill #1758 in the Illinois legislative process. She is a board member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, chair of the Scientific Affairs Committee, and member of the Public Affairs committee.