Manora Hana Nygren

ND Student,  Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

“Make concrete plans and have options in case one does not work out. You may find that when you arrive something different than anticipated is best for you and your kids, so allow for change and have options for multiple scenarios. Research your schools thoroughly and chose the one that is the best fit for your vision of your work life balance and educational path. Talk with other parents who have gone through the program, and other programs and seek their stories wisdom and advise. Use that knowledge to pave your own path in the most balanced and harmonious way. Utilize you peers and colleagues at the ND school. Form friendships and working relationships with other parents and support each other. Talk with trusted advisors within and outside of the naturopathic school. They may have watched many others go through what you are and could have valuable insights and advise, or act as a sounding board for you to develop your own.”