Mending a Broken Heart: Reimagined Naturopathic Advantages to Heart Failure

As little as 5 years ago, heart failure patients were relegated to a slow death. The best conventional medicine could do is hope to delay it, the best naturopathic medicine could do was stabilize it or delay death a little more than our conventional colleagues. Reversing was a rare occurrence. Now there is a new generation of drugs, devices, and holistic treatments that when used effectively and with intelligence may reverse a weakened heart with reliability. It’s exciting times in cardiology with optimism due to new approaches to congestive heart failure.

Dr. Decker Weiss

Dr. Decker Weiss, is a dual credentialed physician as a cardiologist and a Naturopathic Physician. Dr. Weiss trained at the Arizona Heart Hospital, the Columbia Medical System (AZ) and the prestigious Arizona Heart Institute. Dr. Weiss has educated physicians and practitioners in 12 countries on the management and recovery from chronic diseases including infectious disease, PTSD, and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Weiss took a career shift to launch the NGO Global Medical. Global Medical researches cycles of poverty and violence, while performing field medical clinics in such places as, Iraq, Syria, West Africa, Haiti, Thailand/Laos, and the Dominican Republic. Recently Dr. Weiss’s work brought him to the Ukraine/Poland border where Global Medical launched clinics for refugees. Dr. Weiss presented the first ever talk on radicalization and the HPA Axis at Oxford University’s College for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict (CRIC). Dr. Weiss was named a “Leading Physician of the World” in 2012, a distinction given to under 1500 physicians a year, and was recently named “Best of Scottsdale, Arizona” for cardiology.

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