CCNM – Boucher Campus Develops Extraordinary Doctors And Innovative Business Owners

It is an exciting time for the profession of Naturopathic Medicine. Each year, more and more patients are embracing a naturopathic approach to their health, and naturopathic medicine is transitioning from “alternative” medicine to “mainstream” healthcare. However, not all ND students come with a strong business background, and we understand that some students need more education in not only practicing as a naturopathic physician, but the practical management and business aspects of owning a thriving ND practice.

The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine – Boucher Campus understands these challenges, and in response has developed a comprehensive Professional Development and Practice Management Program designed to meet the specific needs of naturopathic practices. The program seeks to provide future graduates with the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to build and maintain a thriving naturopathic business. Drawing on the expertise of business, marketing, branding, leadership, operations, and management specialists from leading industries, the CCNM – Boucher Campus Professional Development curriculum is uniquely tailored to the nature of aspiring naturopathic doctors.

With plans to incorporate technologic innovation into the program in the next 24 months, CCNM – Boucher Campus is excited to be the first naturopathic medicine institute to offer such a robust and comprehensive program for aspiring naturopathic doctors. CCNM – Boucher Campus is dedicated to creating exceptional naturopathic doctors, and they recognize that must include business, branding and marketing expertise. Their mission is to develop exceptional doctors and innovative business owners.


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