Can Avocado Seeds Fight Cancer?


Most healthy and holistic eaters understand the amazing superpowers of adding avocado to your daily diet. However, most people end up tossing away the avocado seed, without realizing that the seed – itself – packs some powerful punch as well.

At least, that’s what an article on, Stop Throwing Away Avocado Seeds: They’re Potent Cancer Fighters, suggests.

In the article, author Amy Goodrich (certified biologist and holistic health coach) offers up 10 benefits to eating avocado seeds, including:

1 – It can slow down aging
2 – It has cancer fighting properties
3 – It can strengthen your immune system

So how can you use the avocado seed in your diet? Goodrich provides some suggestions (think smoothies, sauces, dressing) as well as helpful tips on how to properly prepare the seed for consumption. Check out the full article here.


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