January Director’s Update

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a smooth transition back into your daily routine after the holiday break. Here at AANMC we are looking forward to a productive year advancing naturopathic medical education and natural healing.

This year will bring greater participation both in the US and Canada natural health communities, as well as internationally. We are working with NDs across the globe to create a World Health Organization federation of naturopathic medicine. This will eventually translate into more opportunities for NDs worldwide.

We will be participating in public awareness initiatives as well as our ongoing webinar and educational forums. AANMC is actively planning our attendance at events across the country – please visit our events page for the latest information on where we will be. So far we are scheduled for San Diego, CA, New Orleans, LA, Kansas City, MO, Albany, NY, New York City, NY, Oakland, CA and Washington, DC. In 2015 we will be making some updates to our websitewww.aanmc.org, so that we can be of more assistance to you with pursuing a career in naturopathic medicine. Please feel free to send comments or suggestions to info@aanmc.org.

In Health, Dr. Jo


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