NDs Working for an Integrative Medical Community

The world is a pretty small place these days, and naturopathic doctors (NDs) know that the health of the global community affects us all. Whether it’s helping our fellow humans or the planet we all call home, we’re investing in a better future for everyone. That’s why NDs are working to create an integrative medical community not only in North America, but all over the world.

Here’s what a few of our AANMC-member schools — and their students, faculty and alumni — have been up to in recent months…


New ND grads see big advancement in residency opportunities

The Naturopathic Post-Graduate Association (NPGA) conducted its first residency match on April 9, 2011. Working in collaboration with residency administrators at three AANMC-member schools, NPGA placed 35 candidates with 16 residency programs. “[This] program establishes the infrastructure necessary for accelerated growth of naturopathic residences,” said Lise Alschuler, ND, president of NPGA. READ MORE > 

One more state gains licensure for NDs: North Dakota

North Dakota has become the 16th state to license naturopathic doctors! Thanks to the tireless and collaborative efforts of both alumni and students from several ND schools, this legislative change can be expected to create increased employment and practice opportunities for NDs, along with better care overall patient health. READ MORE >

Sonoran University alumnus authors The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease

In his new book, Alan Christianson, ND, explains both the conventional and the alternative views on thyroid disease. Dr. Christianson will also be a panelist at our Webinar this week (May 18th)READ MORE >

CCNM to open Eastern Canada’s first integrative oncology center

CCNM’s Ottawa Integrative Cancer Center, set to open this year, will serve as a multi-disciplinary flagship center providing whole-person integrative care to people with cancer, cancer survivors, and those seeking both primary and secondary cancer prevention. READ MORE >

MD clinician joins NUHS faculty

NUHS has recently hired Sean Rardin, MD, to work with ND interns at the school’s on-campus medical clinic. Dr. Rardin’s knowledge and experience will help in further developing a campus dedicated to the practice of integrative medicine. READ MORE >


Naturopathic doctor participates in Gift of Life

Heath McAllister, ND, a graduate of Sonoran University, had the chance to travel to Hermosillo, Mexico, with Gift of Life International, a nonprofit organization that provides open heart surgery to children in need. READ MORE >

CCNM alumna founds ND Global Network

Nicole Redvers, ND, BSc, and alumna of CCNM, recently founded ND Global Network as a resource for those NDs and ND students interested in doing volunteer work in developing countries. The group’s new website offers a list of humanitarian organizations and projects that are seeking and accepting NDs. READ MORE >

To your naturopathic education,

Coquina Deger
Managing Editor, AANMC


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