For a Plant-Based Diet, Do You Need Supplements?

For a Plant-Based Diet, Do You Need Supplements?


A common question people have is whether supplements are a natural necessity for anyone who embarks on a plant-based diet.

In an article on, Are Supplements Necessary On A Plant-Based Diet, plant-based nutritionist Heather McClees debunks that myth, and goes on to discuss the science of food and the human body. An excerpt from her article discusses her point of view in terms of the body’s need for nutrients, and whether plants can fill that need.

“We are made of muscle and fat just like animals, yet we would never eat a dog, another human, or another creature with concentrated muscle and fat to get our nutrients. Why a cow, chicken, or bird? It makes no sense, especially considering we would never go through what it takes to produce these animal products ourselves so we can get our protein or calcium, etc. … that’s simply not our natural reaction to animals, nor does it make any sense based on nutritional science.

Animals get their nutrients from plants just like we do. We also don’t need fancy supplements or need to worry about buying all these products to get what we need. ”

Read the rest of Heather’s article here.

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