A Sign of the Times – NDs as Leaders

Year 2011 has been a challenging year, hasn’t it? Between Wall Street, unemployment, the Euro mess and the Occupy movement (to name a few), we are living amidst a highly charged atmosphere. Times like these tend to test people, to force individuals and institutions alike to prove their worth as leaders. As they say: Either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Each of the AANMC schools serve as leaders in today’s emerging health care scene. This means not only educating the naturopathic doctors (NDs) of tomorrow, but also building and strengthening an entire web of naturopathic practitioners. Read on to discover just a few of the ways the schools are working to lead health care into a new era.

New 2012 residencies announced

Naturopathic residencies are extremely popular among new ND graduates; in fact, the demand for such residencies often outpaces their availability. Consequentially, the recent announcement of two 2012 residency opportunities is being greeted with great excitement, especially as they are backed by two influential sponsors: Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI), a nutraceutical company, and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP). Both residencies provide an integrative medical setting, combining naturopathic and allopathic medicine to the greatest benefit of the patient. READ MORE >>

AANMC supports the Naturopathic Transactions research project

This collaborative study will provide a characterization of naturopathic practice at the teaching clinics of all seven ND colleges. The research will draw on computerized practice management systems to compile records from 400,000 patient visits over a five-year span, demonstrating the naturopathic impact in both primary care and chronic disease. Recognizing a fundamental need for such data, this research will be spearheaded by the Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute (NPRI) and funded in part by the AANMC.

Sonoran University and Dr. Paul Mittman in the spotlight

Dr. Paul Mittman was recently honored by healthcare!x as a passionate health care executive and innovator. During his 18-year tenure as CEO of Sonoran University of Health Sciences (Sonoran University), Dr. Mittman has led the school to its prominent position in North American naturopathic education. Sonoran University now has more than 70 faculty members, treats nearly 30,000 patients each year, and constantly breaks new ground in naturopathic education — whether that means being the first ND school to embrace electronic health records (EHRs), or simply empowering patients to make therapeutic life changes. READ MORE >>

Two more naturopathic teaching clinics transition to EHRs

The NCNM Clinic has installed an EHR system, and the Bastyr Center for Natural Health will implement theirs this academic year. EHR systems benefit clinic patients by providing more reliable and easily shared medical records, and ND students graduate better prepared to enter today’s health care work force. READ MORE >>

Bastyr forging its way in San Diego

Bastyr University is now accepting all applications for the fall 2012 naturopathic medicine program – including, of course, the program at its new campus in San Diego, Calif, as well as its current location in Kenmore, Wash. Upon receiving accreditation approval of the San Diego campus, Bastyr will immediately notify all applicants. Priority deadline is February 1, 2012, so it’s a great time to get to work on your application! READ MORE >>

Here’s to the leader in you,

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