Welcome to AANMC’s “NDs In California” Issue!

Welcome to AANMC’s “NDs In California” Issue!

Issue 34 • October 2012

In This Issue…


Editor’s Note: The Golden State

“It’s not all about the science, although it must be about the science. It’s also about the art, the politics, the justice … We are transforming the health of our planet, of our community, and of every person.” These were the beliefs expressed by Dr. Daniel K. Church, Bastyr University president, at Bastyr’s “family dinner” preceding last month’s grand opening of the University’s second campus in San Diego, California.

Dr. Church continued, “Students coming from all walks of life and all parts of the world to join the class of 2016 …” A specific reference to the mission of Bastyr University and its first incoming class, yet it resonates with each of our schools and the naturopathic medical profession as a whole.

Simultaneous to Bastyr’s campus opening was another cause for celebration in California: The passage of SB1446, which provides legal clarification to include nutritional IM and IV therapy within the scope of practice of California-licensed naturopathic doctors (NDs). This law, too, is just part of a larger sweeping movement to advance the ND profession.

Incoming AANP CEO Jud Richland recently announced aggressive, near-future goals to gain licensure for NDs in several states. He addressed hundreds of NDs and other industry players at the national conference this past August: “We have a responsibility to let the public know what naturopathic medicine is and what naturopathic physicians do, and to make sure that every American knows about naturopathic medicine.”

In this edition, we interview two Bastyr students who know firsthand what it means to adhere to Mr. Richland’s statement. One has been an ND since 1986, and has witnessed California’s transformation since that time. The other is just starting his naturopathic education, also in California — and is already involved in advancing the ND profession. Their respective experiences depict exactly how much has changed over the past few generations.

Here’s to finding your own Golden State (or province),

Coquina_DegerCoquina Deger
Managing Editor, AANMC

Interviews: California – a naturopathic frontier

Carl-Hangee-BauerCarl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc, has been instrumental in transforming the naturopathic landscape in the State of California. Most recently, he’s been a key figure in the passage of new legislation that expands the scope of practice for all California NDs. With a career of more than 25 years, Bastyr alumnus Dr. Hangee-Bauer knows what it takes to foster the expansion of naturopathic medicine.

We are the doctors most people are looking for, but they don’t know it yet. Once they do, they like it!
– Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer

Adam_SilbermanBecoming an ND was not always Adam Silberman’s plan. But after encountering naturopathic medicine while abroad in Australia, almost concurrently with the sudden loss of his father, Adam found himself searching for a life of passion as well as plans. And even in the midst of mid-term exams — as he talks about beginning his education at Bastyr University California and his role as a future ND — it is clear that he has found just that. READ MORE >

What better way to give back than through health, than by empowering people, working with people naturally, and really being an advocate for those individuals lost in the medical system?
– ND Student Adam Silberman

Upcoming Events: NYC forum, webinars…

New York City Forum – Rescheduled
Due to the devastation caused by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, AANMC has postponed its Nov. 3 Informational Forum in Manhattan, NYC and rescheduled it for March 23, 2013, in the same location and at the same time. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to those whose lives have been impacted by this storm, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Career Options in Naturopathic Medicine Webinar
November 16, 2012
Join our webinar to hear from NDs working in research, education and publishing, then participate in the Q&A session to have your questions answered!

You decide the topic of our webinar!
December 2012

What would you like to hear about at our December Webinar? Student Life? Career Options? School Selection? Cast your vote on our Facebook page. First to respond with the winning idea gets a $25 gift certificate.

Your Questions Answered: Financial aid for ND students?

Q: Do the AANMC schools work with any outside scholarships?

A: There are absolutely many “outside” as well as college-specific scholarships – along with government-backed financial aid options – available to help aspiring NDs attend naturopathic medical school.  READ YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED

And please keep the good questions coming!
 E-mail Coquina Deger at editor@aanmc.org

For Advisors: New NDCAS advisor portal

Slated for rollout on October 31, 2012, the Centralized Application Service (CAS) Advisor Portal will offer undergraduate advisors real-time access to their students’ application statuses.

And if you’ve not visited NDCAS.org recently, then you should: The new landing page features special announcements and instructions for students, school-by-school application deadlines, social media and customer service connections — not to mention an easy entry point for students ready to start their application process.


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