Nicole Cain, ND, MA
Integrative Mental Health Expert, Sonoran University of Health Sciences
Dr. Cain helped a female patient who suffered from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). “BDD is a condition where the sufferer becomes obsessive about a flaw or perceived flaw or defect in their personal appearance. She expressed that she had put sheets over all of the mirrors because she hated her face so much. In secret, she would binge on carbohydrates until she was so full she felt sick and then she would purge. As time passed, the binging and purging became more frequent and she found herself unable to stop. Treatment focused on following the guidelines of the therapeutic order. This involved nutrition, movement, fresh air, counseling to work on self-talk, marriage counseling, prayer, going to Over Eaters Anonymous Groups, and more. She got rid of her social media accounts, received mind-body therapy, and she threw all of the junk food away. We treated her with a homeopathic remedy which addressed her mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. We prescribed trophorestoratives to help the nervous system, which had been in a state of ‘fight or flight’ for several years. We also gave her adaptogens to help correct the cortisol deficiency that was detected in her laboratory work. She started to receive cranial sacral therapy which helped balance her skeletal system and body as a whole. After several months of treatment, she stopped binging and purging, her depression started to lift, and her anxiety reduced. Twelve months later, she reported that she didn’t even relate to that self anymore.”