Pursuing Your Passion: The Journey, Challenges & Charms of Changing Your Career to Naturopathic Medicine

Thinking about a career change? Join the AANMC and Lucas MacMillan RN, ND for a special webinar focused on making a career change to follow your dreams as a naturopathic physician. It’s never too late!


Changing Your Career to Naturopathic Medicine – The Journey, Challenges & Charms

Dr. MacMillan covers:

  • Why he chose to change careers to become a naturopathic doctor
  • Naturopathic doctor’s scope of practice – The benefits of having many different treatment options for patients.
  • Choosing how to practice – going broad vs. focusing on a specific treatment modality
  • Tips for students considering a career change to naturopathic medicine
  • Case Studies – Seeing how naturopathic medicine can work
    • Helping people that otherwise wouldn’t have hope
    • Case 1 – Eczema patient that was told he’d have to live with head to toe eczema from multiple dermatologists – cured with naturopathic treatment.
    • Case 2 – Low energy and weight loss. Combination of counseling, lab testing, and nutrition to help a patient.
  • Why naturopathic medicine over other professions?
    • Practice Freedom
    • The deeper training of the naturopathic doctor program
    • Wide scope of practice
    • Deep patient connections
  • Tips for Applying
    • Talk to universities directly
    • Connect with a local ND
    • Search out pre-requisite course option

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius



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