Healthy Halloween Treats



Trick or Treat! Prepare or beware – Halloween will soon be upon us, and with that – parties and sweets, galore! Here are some healthy alternatives to the traditional sugary snacks that will impress parents and children alike!


For an unpeeled banana, use a permanent marker to draw ghost eyes and mouth. For a peeled banana, cut in half and use mini chocolate or carob chips to create ghost eyes and mouth.

Spider Eggs

Wash organic green grapes and add them to small snack size plastic bag.

Mummy Juice

Trade out sugary drinks for healthier options. Mini waters may not be super exciting or environmentally friendly, but they do have practical uses. Juice boxes are another great alternative to sodas, but make sure to keep it natural with only 100% organic juice. For a little more fun, consider covering the juice boxes or water bottles with colored construction paper and create designs such as Frankenstein, ghosts or pumpkins.

Cheesy Ghosts

Simply apply three dots for ghost eyes and mouth with permanent marker to an organic wrapped cheese stick.

Fruity Pumpkins

Peel a clementine and add a small celery stalk piece or small pretzel stick to the middle to create a pumpkin.  For an unpeeled clementine, use a permanent marker to create a Jack-O-Lantern.

Spider Webs

Place mini pretzel rods in a circle on parchment paper and drizzle melted dark chocolate over the top.

Mummy Hands

Add air-popped popcorn to latex-free plastic gloves and tie the end.

Strawberry Ghosts

Stick a long kabob into the tip of the strawberry and push through the middle. Dip the strawberry in white chocolate and set on wax paper to set. Apply mini chocolate chips for ghost eyes and mouth once the chocolate has solidified a bit.

Brain Jello

Organic and preservative-free jello can be added to fun, Halloween themed molds.

Apple Monsters

Cut a wedge halfway across the middle of an apple and line with organic peanut or other nut/seed butter. Add sunflower seeds for teeth and a strawberry slice for a tongue. Feel free to employ the kids in making these as is age appropriate.

Honorable mention: consider passing out pencils, erasers or other small Halloween themed gifts instead of store-bought candy.

With these unique and healthy ideas, your house is sure to be a favorite this Halloween!


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