4 Signs You’re Ready to Pursue a Career as a Naturopathic Doctor

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With nearly four in ten Americans using some type of integrative medicine, it is safe to say that natural approaches to wellness are on the rise. 1 In fact, there are currently more than 8,500 licensed naturopathic doctors practicing in North America. 2 More people are becoming interested in exploring naturopathic medicine to support their health, which means that naturopathic doctors are high in demand. If you are considering pursuing a degree in naturopathic medicine, here are the signs that you are ready to begin your journey to becoming an ND.

You Prioritize Flexibility & Career Satisfaction

Are you looking for a career that allows you to prioritize work/life balance by offering flexibility? Is it essential for you for the work you do to be rewarding and satisfying? Naturopathic doctors have a high level of career satisfaction and have significantly better work/life balance than other medical professionals. 3 As an ND, you will have a great deal of flexibility available to you, whether you choose to practice in a clinical or non-clinical capacity, work full or part time, or work in multiple settings regularly.

You Have a Strong Interest in Health, Wellness, & Natural Medicine

Many people who become naturopathic doctors are those who originally planned to work in medicine but realized that they wanted to practice the type of medicine that puts natural approaches and prevention first. If you are fascinated by the scientific processes of the body and its ability to heal itself as well as by herbal and natural remedies, you may be a perfect fit for an ND education.

You Welcome Challenges & Love to Learn

Successful naturopathic doctors know that the learning process is never over. If you are the type of person who is always excited to meet a new challenge and learn as you go, a career as a naturopathic doctor may be right for you. As a student of naturopathic medicine, you will have many opportunities to learn in the classroom, in research and clinical capacities, and when you become a licensed ND you will continue to learn from your colleagues and community.

You Want a Career That Helps People

When you boil it down to its core elements, naturopathic medicine really comes down to one fundamental thing: helping people. If you want to actively improve lives on a daily basis through your work, a career in naturopathic medicine will empower you to achieve that. Practicing naturopathic medicine allows you to work with your patients to provide the type of care that fits them and help them take control over their health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in learning more about what it is like to become a naturopathic doctor, check out AANMC’s Success Stories and browse through our schools.


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