Dr. Anthony Balduzzi – Sonoran University

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a naturopathic doctor, national champion bodybuilder, and founder of the Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project – online health and fitness communities aimed at empowering busy parents to get healthy, lose weight, and build muscle through practical nutrition and exercise plans.

Laying the groundwork to become an ND

“Growing up, I watched my father struggle with his health and pass away at 42 years young. After my dad died, I studied everything I could about health, nutrition, and exercise. I became obsessed with healthy living, and, over the next decade, that passion for health radically transformed my entire life. In undergrad, I studied nutrition, psychology, and neuroscience. Upon graduating, I planned on pursuing a PhD in Nutrition, but my mom suggested I explore naturopathic medicine instead. I deeply connected with the guiding principles of naturopathic medicine, because they mirrored my direct life experience. I knew them to be true, and I wanted to learn to practice medicine in a way that aligned with truth.”

Sonoran University as a springboard

“From the beginning of naturopathic medical school at Sonoran University of Health Sciences, I knew I wanted to leverage my medical knowledge in the entrepreneurial realm to build an online business that helped teach the healthy living principles that naturopathic medicine is founded upon. So, in addition to completing my classwork, I began building my websites, writing articles, and shooting videos for The Fit Father Project website. The ‘business work’ I completed throughout medical school tremendously sped up the path to financial success after graduation. Within five months of graduating, my online business ventures were making enough steady income to allow me to work at them full-time.”

Finding fulfillment as an ND and an entrepreneur

“My work is a mixture of running a business and teaching health and wellness. 70% of my time is devoted as CEO directing the strategy of our companies; the other 30% is spent producing content, speaking, writing, and interacting with our online communities. We have happy customers and program members in over 100 countries.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi at a speaking engagement.

It is incredible being my own boss. I set my own schedule. I am able to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Above all, I love that the profession requires that I continue to learn, grow, and share wisdom in the service of humanity and this planet.

Naturopathic medicine has given me a tremendous and holistic perspective on human health and wellness. The principle of ‘doctor as teacher’ has always resonated with me; it is one of the primary reasons I wanted to center my life around teaching others how to live long and healthy lives.

Thankfully, naturopathic medicine is uniquely equipped to help fix many of the chronic diseases of poor lifestyle choices that affect millions of people today (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and depression). I love that I have the skillset to help those people take control of their health – regardless of their age, weight, or how long they have struggled in the past.”

Advice for aspiring NDs

“Know who you want to serve and why. From a business success perspective, it is very important to specialize. Naturopathic medicine gives you so many tools to choose from. It is tempting to want to ‘do it all.’ I suggest honing in on the particular niche or patient population you want to serve, and then focusing on becoming world-class at helping those people.

Dr. Balduzzi is pictured with his Fit Father Project team.

In my experience, ‘material success’ is the direct result of how much value you are able to add/create for others. Success is a result of solving people’s problems in a sustainable and authentic way. Naturopaths are equipped to solve many of the most important problems for people – one of the many reasons that makes this profession so versatile and exciting.”

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