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Dr. Pearson

New Chair of Clinical Sciences will focus on supporting faculty and leading diversity efforts in naturopathic medicine

National University recently appointed Nakiesha Pearson, ND, DC, to Chair of the Clinical Sciences Department for the College of Professional Studies. Dr. Pearson will oversee and help support naturopathic medicine department faculty and their classes as well as advise students. Previously, she was an assistant professor in the department. She holds a doctorate in chiropractic, doctorate in naturopathic medicine and her masters in advanced clinical practice from NUHS.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with instructors and pushing the mission of the university,” she said. “I wanted to be more immersed on the administrative side in helping to support department faculty.” 

Within both the naturopathic and chiropractic medicine fields, Dr. Pearson has taken on efforts to advance diversity. These new initiatives will help bring more people of color into the profession as well as educate new and current doctors on how to treat diverse patient populations.

In addition to joining the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medicine College’s new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, she is also a member of NUHS’ diversity task force. The task force is currently working to ensure curriculum teaches students how to treat more diverse patient populations, including how to provide physical exams and communicate for a better bedside matter.

“We are creating standards and making recommendations so the curriculum is more inclusive and provides students with a better understanding of different communities,” she said.

NUHS students share experiences in new homeopathy rotation

clinicians at the Center for Integral Health in LombardBefore graduating, National University students have access to a vast array of rotation opportunities that allow them to explore the many unique specialties within complementary and alternative medicine.

At the Center for Integral Health (CIH) in Lombard, students gain experience diagnosing and prescribing homeopathic remedies while working alongside Timothy Fior, MD, Joel Sheppard, MD, NUHS alum, Lisa Krebs, ND and others.

Tolulola Bayode, ND, a recent graduate who participated in the rotation last fall, said the clinic has a diverse patient base from infants to the elderly, which allowed her to address a long list of ailments using a variety of methods.

“For students interested in homeopathy, there is no greater training than this,” Dr. Bayode said. “The environment at CIH is intimate and encourages scholarship of learning without judgment. The doctors are fabulous mentors and friends and see the student interns as colleagues.”

As part of the rotation, students are eligible to earn primary hours, where they are directly involved in patient care, such as conducting intakes and follow-ups with patients. Students are also able to earn secondary hours, observing the management of acute and chronic homeopathic cases. The rotation takes place twice a week over four months.

Crystal Sciarini, ND, a recent NUHS graduate who also participated in the CIH opportunity last fall said one of the great things about the rotation is the ability to work  with three homeopathic practitioners  and experience three different styles of practice.

“Each doctor at CIH has their own unique style of intake and review, so it was always interesting,” she said. “I enjoyed every minute and am grateful for the opportunity.”

James Morton, ND, another recent graduate who participated in the rotation, said the experience helped him increase his expertise by learning a different approach to naturopathic care for patients.  He got the chance to treat patients of different ages and with various health conditions including children with autism and adults with mental disorders like schizophrenia.

“Homeopathy is one of the most fascinating, unique, interesting, and effective modalities I’ve ever had the pleasure to learn about,” he said. “It’s a modality that is completely individualized in relation to the characteristics of the patient, in addition to the problematic health condition.”

In addition to the rotation at the Center for Integral Health, NUHS provides various other internship opportunities for students interested in gaining first-hand clinic experience.  To learn more about the importance of hands-on experience within the naturopathic medicine field visit the NUHS blog.

Earn double tuition credit by attending a visit event this summer

If you’re considering a career in integrative medicine, come visit us! NUHS summer Soak Up offers a variety of virtual visit opportunities along with individual in-person visits at our Chicago-area campus

By attending any visit event this summer, you’ll earn double the tuition credit or $1,000 toward your first trimester for any NUHS graduate program.

As part of our weekly virtual Q&A you’ll have the chance to learn more about NUHS from current students, grads, counselors or deans. You’ll lead the conversation (casual observers also welcome!) by asking any of your burning questions. Big questions about what it takes to be a successful student or graduate and small questions about a specific topic or concern are all welcome. Come join us and ask away!

To learn more about other visit events, visit the NUHS website. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an individual visit, contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-826-6285 or email


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