November Director’s Update

The naturopathic profession saw some huge advances last month and we have even more exciting news and events to look forward to in November as well.

On November 3rd I was an invited guest of the Institute of Medicine’s forum on Ebola at the National Academies of Science in Washington, DC. While infectious disease physicians, virologists, first responders and emergency physicians are taking lead in this arena; naturopathic medical centers have all reviewed their disease management procedures and revised their protocols to align with public health guidelines for public safety and containment of this disease. We are happy to be members of the health care team and work with state/provincial and governmental agencies to facilitate the best patient care.

AANMC is proud of the research strides CCNM and the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre will be able to accomplish with the largest grant ever received to study naturopathic medicine in cancer patients. To read more about this exciting study see CCNM’s post below.

This month AANMC will be hosting our last Naturopathic Virtual College Fair of 2014. Our virtual college fairs give attendees an opportunity to speak with admissions staff members, faculty and students from AANMC schools without leaving the comfort of their homes. Registration is free and open to students and anyone wanting to learn more about how to take the next step in becoming an ND.

To register for this event click here.

In health, Dr. Jo


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