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Issue 30 • January 2011

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Editor’s Note: Naturopathic doctors – A domestic “natural” resource

With the conclusion of 2010, we find ourselves one full decade into Globalization 3.0, which is proving to be all about individuals and communication, connections and collaboration.[1] What does this era of international connectivity have to do with your future?

One word: offshoring. In the service industry alone, 400,000 U.S. jobs have gone overseas since 2000, a number that foreign relations experts forecast will rise to 3.3 million by 2015.[2] And while call center operators may be the most noticeable of jobs exiting North American shores, the customer service industry is far from the only profession affected: With 400,000 American tax returns prepared in India annually,[3] just about everyone is fair game for replacement – from accountants and proofreaders to computer programmers and executive assistants. The medical profession is no exception: Medical transcription services in India are gaining popularity among U.S. health care employers, as are “nighthawks” – radiology firms that specialize in reading CAT scans after hours and now service over 500 American hospitals.[4]

All this leaves one wondering…is my job next?

One profession that will never be outsourced to foreign competitors: the primary care doctor. Patients will always need a neighborhood physician. And as evidenced by the complimentary and alternative (CAM) news stories dominating the headlines in 2010, the prevalence of patients choosing natural care is apparent.

What have the AANMC schools accomplished during the first decade of Globalization 3.0? In the broad view, we’ve seen the pool of new ND graduates increase dramatically (by 113 percent!), from 192 new graduates in 1999, to 409 in 2009.[5] And we’ve seen two new ND schools established: CCNM – Boucher Campus (2000) and NUHS (2006).

Each of the ND schools has grown in the past year – both on their own campuses and beyond – exploring new locations and new fields of research. Read ND school milestones 2010 to find out who the movers and shakers have been in 2010!

To your health and to your future,


Coquina Deger
Managing Editor, AANMC

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ND school milestones 2010

It’s been a big year for the schools of the AANMC. As naturopathic medicine continues to grow in popularity and recognition, the ND schools are keeping pace: research recognition, campus expansion, academic advancement – they’re doing it all! READ MORE >

Top 10 CAM news stories 2010

Professionalism, evidence and growing presence: these are the themes heralded by the top 10 complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) news highlights of 2010. From President Obama’s administration to Dr. Oz’s talk show, the growing presence of CAM is remarkable. From studies on the popularity and cost benefits of CAM to several proven natural treatments related to aging, cancer and brain health, the research is exciting. And from government recognition for the ND-accrediting agency to a range of ND-authored books, the professionalism of the naturopathic medical field is reassuring. READ MORE >

ND and MD – Can I do both?

Q:  Is it possible to go to medical (MD) school and naturopathic medical (ND) school simultaneously? If not, does it make sense to go to MD school before ND school, or vice versa?

A: Most likely, it would be impossible to attend MD and ND school at the same time. Both involve challenging, full-time course loads, not to mention labs and clinics. Med school, whether you’re studying to be an MD or an ND, is a life-altering experience and one that should not be approached with anything less than complete commitment. READ YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED

And please keep the good questions coming! E-mail Coquina Deger at editor@aanmc.org

Next Up: Create new beginnings

In our next edition, we’ll interview some active, vibrant and extraordinarily influential NDs to see how fresh starts have come about, and how new lives and careers have been created. For these individuals, “becoming a doctor” has meant more than just a new job – it’s meant the creation of new schools, new clinics and new opportunities.


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