Dr. Robyn Prescott – CCNM – Boucher Campus

“I get to share a piece of people’s lives and help guide them to better health on a daily basis. I enjoy creating a safe, connected, and inspiring atmosphere for my patients to heal.”

Laying the groundwork to become an ND

Dr. Robyn Prescott grew up with a naturopathic lifestyle. As a child, she looked forward to visiting her naturopathic doctor and appreciated the individualized care. Her passion to provide that same care and to help people discover the root cause of their health issues is what drove Dr. Prescott to switch paths from a degree in traditional English literature to naturopathic medicine.

“I truly believe I was born to be a naturopathic doctor. Every day I feel honored to be a part of people’s health journey.” Naturopathic medicine is more than a career, it is a lifestyle that continually encourages you to better yourself personally and professionally.

CCNM – Boucher Campus as a springboard

Dr. Prescott earned her doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine – Boucher Campus (CCNM – Boucher Campus) in New Westminster, British Columbia.  She was attracted to CCNM – Boucher Campus for its outstanding physical medicine program and the Vancouver community. Dr. Prescott credits CCNM – Boucher Campus for providing her with a well-rounded education that set her up for success as a naturopathic doctor. In addition, Dr. Prescott holds certifications in intravenous and advanced injection therapies.

“Living the dream” after graduation

Dr. Prescott operates a successful practice in North Vancouver where she sees 50-60 patients per week. The practice focuses on pain management and hormone health. Her passions include the body’s basic mechanics: physiology, hormones, muscles, nerves, and brain. She practices several hands-on assessments, diagnostic laboratory testing and physical medicine.

Finding fulfillment as an ND

“I get to share a piece of people’s lives and help guide them to better health on a daily basis. I enjoy creating a safe, connected, and inspiring atmosphere for my patients to heal. ”

Dr. Prescott’s passion for nature extends into her personal life as well. When she isn’t at her office, you can find her mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, horseback riding or dancing in beautiful North Vancouver.

Advice for aspiring NDs

Dr. Prescott encourages prospective students to pursue their goals with confidence. Success and failure are choices. “Make sure you do not accept failure. You do have a choice to be successful. Always stay true to your core beliefs – patients can sense if you stray from what you believe in.”

Work-life balance is also something you should consider. How do you want your life and career to balance? Do you want room for spontaneity in your personal life or do you want more structure? The beauty of owning your own naturopathic medical practice is that you may choose!

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