New Beginnings Highlight an Exciting Year for CCNM

A Fresh Start of the School Year

The beginning of the school year is always a wonderful time at CCNM. 87 new students joined the college in September of 2017, hailing from Canada, the U.S., and overseas. The new group is bright, enthusiastic, and passionate about naturopathic medicine. Their journey through CCNM’s Doctor of Naturopathy Degree program promises to be a challenging, life-changing, and rewarding four years.

Additional Elective Offerings

This year, CCNM introduced nine electives—fertility, fibromyalgia, oncology, pediatrics, sports medicine, Asian medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and clinic nutrition—in year three of the program. These advanced courses have proven to be very popular, as students can get a more in-depth focus in the areas that interest them. Students need to complete a minimum of two electives before entering their fourth year and a minimum of four in order to graduate.

More Community Health Centres

During their fourth year, students get to intern at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic (CCNM’s onsite teaching clinic), the Brampton Naturopathic Teaching Clinic (the first naturopathic teaching clinic located in a hospital setting in Canada), or one of eight community health centres (CHCs) located all over the Greater Toronto Area. Three additional CHCs were recently added to the roster.

CHCs are special because they each have a large patient population that they service. Typically, the health conditions that present at one CHC can differ from health conditions seen at another (sometimes quite substantially), so interns get to treat a myriad of health-related issues. The best part about being a clinical intern at a CHC is being exposed to and learning about patient groups from different cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. Plus, interns spend one full year at the CHC so they have a real opportunity to play a considerable role in their patients’ roads to wellness. There is also a high demand for naturopathic medicine in the community and patients are pleased with the care offered at the CHCs.

New Cancer Centre

Starting six years ago, when CCNM opened the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC) in Canada’s capital, the college has grown to become a force in integrative oncology. Partnerships with the Ottawa Hospital, the Champlain Regional Cancer Program, research councils, and other local organizations are advancing the mission of providing the very best in integrative cancer care and improving the quality of life for those touched by the disease.

CCNM is continuing to expand their reach in naturopathic oncology with the launch of the Patterson Institute for Integrative Cancer Research this year. The second arm of the Patterson Institute is the Toronto-based Integrative Cancer Clinic (ICC), which aims to deliver an all-encompassing approach—using the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and functional aspects of naturopathic care—to support patients with cancer.

CCNM is working to provide a stronger evidence base for integrative cancer therapies, create treatment guidelines for health-care professionals, and offer post-graduate training to NDs in integrative oncology.

Stay in Touch

Keep up with the latest news on CCNM’s offerings and other noteworthy developments by visiting their website or connecting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @MyCCNM.


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