NUHS Offers a Variety of Resources to Current and Prospective ND Students


National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) is constantly looking for ways to better prepare both prospective and current students for their future careers in healthcare. Our new and advanced facilities, outreach events, and other educational opportunities allow for a wide range of learning experiences.

At National University, students connect with a diverse patient population and observe a larger variety of conditions at both the Whole Health Center clinic on campus and at our outreach events. National University also provides many resources for prospective students who want to stay up to date with the latest trends in the healthcare industry.

Take advantage of the Summer Soak-Up Incentive

Until the end of August, National University is offering a visit incentive called “Summer Soak Up.” If you visit the Illinois campus during August, you’ll receive double the tuition credit normally offered. Visitors for graduate programs, including the naturopathic medicine program, will receive $1,000 in tuition credit toward their first trimester. This is a limited time offer for summer visitors only.

Schedule a personal tour at your convenience and specific to your interest. The Illinois campus is beautiful this time of year, allowing you to combine your visit with sightseeing in the Chicago area. For more information, visit Summer Soak Up, or contact the Office of Admissions at 800-826-6285 or

NUHS starts integrative health blog

Earlier this year, National University launched a new informative blog, “The Future of Integrative Health,” with a variety of valuable resources for aspiring health care professionals in complementary and alternative medicine.

The blog features the perspectives of current NUHS students, alumni, faculty, and other experts. Topics range from industry outlook to program selections.  Recent blog posts include “5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Naturopathic Medicine Program,” and “Why We Need More Naturopathic Doctors in America in 2017”.

NUHS welcomes local families at Healthy Kids Open House

In May 2017, National University hosted the inaugural Healthy Kids Open House, an event aimed at families interested in natural approaches to healthy living.

The day started with lectures in child psychology, brain health, and healthy eating, and included all-day clinic tours, demonstrations, and popular interactive classes like yoga and tai-chi for children.

The event proved popular with both children and parents and will become a recurring event on the NUHS campus. Such an event allows ND interns to interact with a younger patient population and learn more about their specific needs. This is an example of National University’s continuous efforts to bring in more diverse populations to the on-campus Whole Health Center clinic, enabling interns to enhance their clinical experience.

Facility upgrades include new hydrotherapy suite

For over a year, National University has been upgrading several facilities to keep the campus modern and meet the needs of its educational programs.

Earlier this year, National University hosted the grand opening of an all new hydrotherapy suite. Hydrotherapy is a naturopathic health tradition that utilizes the therapeutic benefits of water at various temperatures and is meant to soothe or stimulate various systems in the body. The new suite includes an infrared sauna, peat immersion baths, and Russian steam baths.

National University also renovated the Student Center building. Improvements included major upgrades to gym facilities such as the basketball courts.

Grand Rounds sessions enhance clinical excellence

In keeping with the medical school tradition, ND interns at National University participate in weekly Grand Rounds sessions. Students, faculty, practitioners, and subject-matter experts share knowledge, research, and experience on specific conditions and case histories to enrich the learning process and enhance clinical excellence.

Some of the latest Grand Rounds featured expert discussions on chronic pain, insomnia, Ayurvedic approach to type 2 diabetes, naturopathic support for pregnancy, and treating intractable headaches.

NUHS ND students meet MDs and DOs at Integrate Chicago conference

National University students and faculty were among the varied health care professionals and students that gathered at Northwestern University in February as part of the 2017 Integrate Chicago conference.

This year, National University helped sponsor the event, which is aimed at increasing awareness about integrative medicine and understanding how the many professions can come together to benefit patients. During the event, students and professionals from various medical fields including allopathic, osteopathic, acupuncture, and naturopathic medicine discussed learning and collaboration opportunities.

NUHS students attended the event and assisted on the planning committee. NUHS faculty members were among the experts who presented.

NUHS botanical garden continues to augment ND education

The NUHS botanical garden gives ND students the chance to interact with the herbs and botanicals included in their coursework rather than just reading about them in textbooks. Because the garden is an important asset to the ND program, NUHS has created a work study position to help organize the garden events, allowing students to maintain and nurture the herb garden.

Over the summer, students participate in garden work parties every few weeks. Duties include weeding and plenty of watering so the plants stay healthy and hydrated.

Some of the herbs in the garden include St. John’s wort, peppermint, marshmallow, lemon balm, lavender, and licorice. When the herbs are harvested, students generally use them to practice making their own remedies.

Keep up with the latest news on National University of Health Sciences’ offerings and other noteworthy developments by visiting their website.


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